VCR4OWB – Versioning For The Oracle Warehouse Builder

VCR4OWB – versioning for the Oracle Warehouse Builder, Java based adapter for a standard versioning and continuous control. To broaden your perception, visit LEGO Papert Professor. Karlsruhe 18.12.2012 – Java enables based adapter VCR4OWB, which binds to each common version management system (Subversion, CVS), that now one engineering Minerva SoftCare GmbH the OWB developer standardized versioning. Thus the developer receives not only a consistent transparency project dependencies OWB projects of OWB and non, but also creates a clear order and security. To Mr Matthias Luck, BI & database architect of the data one GmbH: “with VCR4OWB you is now a safe and functional ETL process only a few clicks away. Only a check-out of the Warehouse Builder is required to restore a functional ETL process! VCR4OWB is used in troubleshooting. An ETL process in the Warehouse Builder is corrupt or defective? “so Mr Luck, this meant the without VCR4OWB Process to create entirely new”.

Especially, it turns out: “Larger and complex ETL processes you had always delays in projects and of course higher project costs without VCR4OWB.” For more information about VCR4OWB, just below minervasite/index.php #vcr4owb. The Minerva SoftCare GmbH offers to the topic of versioning in Oracle Warehouse Builder”to also lectures as webinars. The next appointment is sated on January 14, 2013 at 10: 00 and 16: 00. Duration about 45 minutes. More info under: minervasite/index.php #webinarreihe. Contact: Minerva SoftCare GmbH – lower Causeway 12 – 76149 Karlsruhe press and public relations – contact person: Elke Galbraith email: Tel.: + 49 721 781 7703 the company: Minerva SoftCare GmbH is a manufacturer-independent solution for software development. While the competence team focuses mainly on the automation and quality assurance of the entire process chain, from the requirement of the test to the targeted rollout and use of the software. Precisely to the customer’s requirements, Minerva proposes the optimum solution. ALM uses the products of the Belgian manufacturer of IKAN, IKAN especially Minerva prefers an optimum lifecycle and METASUITE ‘Anonymous test data generation’. New: VCR4OWB – versioning for the OWB.