Market Strategies

The current scenarios driven by a highly competitive, with new market strategies, with a leadership that has led to the creation of new paradigms, development and winning markets where product quality and pollution is very important, requiring that companies have a different perception of the traditional who are still anchored by the absence of good management. Today more than ever, we must consider the set by Carlos Fortin (UNCTAD), trade policies required compatible with the environment, which apoye4n each other and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. Do not forget that the entry into force of the North American Free Trade on 1 January 1994 and the potential impact of economic integration at the hemispheric level, as well as the emphasis for most of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, it is necessary to explore the subject to the level of trade and environment in the Western Hemisphere. (A valuable related resource: Atmos Energy Corporation). Evelyn Horowitz highlights the growing importance of international trade as a mechanism of economic integration and transmission of technological development has highlighted the role of trade in the authentication of the foundations of economic growth, and hence environmental quality, while that the increasing globalization of world harmony is quickly eliminating the distinction between matters of a domestic nature and those of international nature.

All these developments have in turn brought out the existence of a link between trade and environmental protection. It can not be present, that several factors have combined to give importance to the relationship between business, trade and environment, as well as Horowitz reminds us, there is increasing interest in the preservation of the environment at international level and fairly recent attempts to use trade policy instruments to achieve compliance environmental objectives, have increased the possibility that the item becomes a growing source of conflict at the national, regional and multilateral levels..