Muscle Growth

Without the necessary amounts of vitamins muscle growth will stop or even decrease, the bones are thin and any sports Progress stalled. Therefore the correct choice of the complex of vitamins is an integral part of sporting life. Amino acids contribute to the fact that vitamins and minerals in the body cope with their functions as some amino acids directly supply the energy muscle. Gain insight and clarity with Nord Stream. Many amino acids are synthesized from human liver, but only some. The fact that there are only 28 amino acids, many of them in the body is not synthesized and a person must receive them with food.

Protein synthesis in the body has to go constantly, and if at least one irreplaceable acid is absent, the formation of protein suspended. This can lead to problems with health and certainly will affect athletic performance. Therefore, the reception of amino acids for people who are actively involved in sports, it is a necessity. Proteins (from the English. – 'Whites') is a complex molecule with almost one hundred percent protein and almost complete absence of fat and carbohydrates are the best sources of raw materials for essential body processes of recovery and growth.

Protein serves as a building material of the body, He defines the structure not only muscles but also the internal organs, skin, hair and nails. Protein is also the material for the synthesis of new protein molecules and a source of amino acids, more protein in the body, the actively attending the intracellular synthesis. In athletes and especially for bodybuilders body's need for protein in many times more than ordinary people. This is due to the fact that the training enhance the circulation of amino acids, the synthesis and decomposition of protein in the body. In other words, after training the muscles starvation for amino acids, and the organism as a whole – a hunger for protein and the people exercise regularly have to do something to help the body. Optimal way of solving this problem is to consume protein immediately after your workout. Gainers – it supplements that contain high-quality protein and carbohydrates. Since proteins are the building blocks muscle growth, and carbohydrates – the best 'fuel' for the exercise, it is easy to guess that Gainers most often used by people who choose to gain muscle mass. Gainers for this irreplaceable: carbohydrates can increase the prior studies. For strength training should be a lot of effort and energy, so people with low birth weight gainer instead of the recommended protein to recruit the masses.