Service Technician

It implies to know to mobilize, to integrate and to transfer the knowledge, resources and abilities, in a determined professional context. Fleury (2001) says that the knowledge net where if the individual inserts is basic so that the communication is efficient and generates the ability. Still according to this author, the ability notion appears associated the verbs thus as: to know to act, to mobilize resources, to integrate to know multiples and complexes, to know to learn, to know to engage itself, to assume responsibilities, to have strategical vision. An essential ability necessarily does not need to be based on an academic management, it can be associated the domain of a work process, that is, ' ' abilities specific techniques or knowledge on the work that must be carried through also ability on the organization, to know to organize the flows of trabalho' ' Zarifian (1999 apud FLEURY, 2001) or still, to be considered an essential ability, the knowledge must be associated to a systematic process of learning, that involves discovery/innovation and qualification of human resources. Believing these premises we decide to develop next to the Service Technician of Library and Documentation a qualification project whose objective it was to create a space so that the learning could be stimulated in the people where they could also feel themselves valued and motivated for the work in team. The first step to be given was the definition of the strategy and the necessary abilities so that the learning could be initiated. How to develop the abilities in an organization? According to Fleury (2001) ' ' to answer this question it is necessary to cover the way that goes of the individual learning for the learning in group, for learning in organizao' '. Fleury (2001) affirms that ' ' the learning is a complex neural process, that leads to the construction of memories.

Papirus Involved

When of the presentation, some quarrels with the pupils of the school had been carried through involved. By means of these quarrels, the group saw the necessity of modifications during the presentation of the subject. As the angular moment, it can be treated by means of vectors, in the presentation had been explained as the conservation of the angular moment through the same ones occurs. In this part of the presentation, it was verified that the pupils had not very understood well the used advertorial treatment in the presentation. In accordance with this concern, was used an educative software, extracted of the international Educational Object Bank, called trigonometrical cycle for the visualization some angles notables used in the conservation of the angular moment.

After, this demonstration, the pupils of the involved school had started to fill the questionnaire, with the questions that the evaluation aimed at on the employed method. In accordance with the data of the questionnaire all the pupils had obtained to visualize the involved interdisciplinary in the project, satisfying the proposal of PCN +. On the question that involved basic trigonometry, 90% of the pupils had obtained to answer, situation which expected an inferior percentage during the presentation. In the question, that involved the experiments, and in accordance with quarrels between the academics, in if treating to the platform exclusively, could be observed that 60% of the pupils had more than had greater advantage of same for the agreement of the conservation of the moment angular. Advice of classroom and evaluation: Perspective in the pedagogical management of the school.

TICs Formandos

Persistence? the formandos detach a little of the effort carried through with the reached difficulties to tell to the work with devotion and joined curiosidades. Without forgetting, although all the stories, of the gratuity that the study it provided for proper itself. Faced difficulties? the pupils portray with bigger intensity what they had had that to pass to be able to materialize the work, sadnesses and joys. We desnimos although them to be almost that constant, they finish if integrating to as many benefits with the gratuity reached in the study them TICs that these sadnesses pass almost that for unobserved. Identified learnings? the formandos portray what they had learned while they were in the chair, having identified positive and negative aspects, in special, its research as significant aspects of its experience.

Evolution of the personal relation? professors evaluate the pupils identifying the points where they had been more distinguished through the autoconfiana examination, a well excellent point in this case. Using the TICs, the pupils demonstrate more autoconfiana, he has ampler vision of future, and more are determined. In the start of the study some pupils had yearning in using the new technologies, they said not to need this mechanism, and today they say total the opposite, or better, not to live without this mechanism, while most advanced already they thought about creating its proper softwares. A thing is certain, all the formandos that had studied a little more deep the new technologies, says if to deal with an excellent supplier of education and that, without a doubt none, ahead of the transformations that come happening in our society, the TICs could more easily be used for the process of dinamizao of the learning. FINAL CONSIDERAES In say respect to it to the perspective of educative use of the Internet, the future professors had been with a good notion of the multiple possibilities of this new tool.

SDANN Electrocardiographic

When the variability indices (SDNN, SDANN, pNN50, etc) are presented low and exist complex ventricular arrhythmias during the monitorizao, the possibility of identification of individuals of bigger risk for sudden death, increase. Some studies have shown that the preditivo value of the Holter increases when the information of the RR variability are added. With the advance of the technology, mainly of computer science, the physician makes use currently of plus a weapon in the stratification of risk of patients with complex ventricular arrhythmias. Still exactly during the accomplishment of the electrocardiographic monitorizao of 24 hours, the analysis of the high resolution eletrocardiograma can supply useful information regarding the presence or not of arritmognico substratum. In a circuit re-entrant, the depolarization of the area of slow conduction occurs at the moment where the depolarization of the fabric normal is finishing or already it was completed. The electric activity of this region is quiet with the methods of conventional electrocardiographic registers. However, with the aid of softwares sophisticated and the manipulation adequate of the electric signals, the activation of the area of slow conduction can be detected by the high resolution eletrocardiograma. The information of this disgnostic modality also can be gotten jointly with the total of extra-sstoles or ventricular arrhythmias and with the variability of interval RR during the electrocardiographic monitorizao 24-hour thus increasing, positive the preditivo value of the gotten results. The studies that analyze the importance of not invasive methods of inquiry in the stratification of risk of patients with cardiac arrhythmias demonstrate that positive the preditivo value of these methods more is raised of what when the information for offered them are considered separately. With the knowledge of that the dispersion of the duration of interval QT as well as, the electric alternation of waves T can indicate the probability of bigger risk of arrhythmic events e, therefore, of sudden death, the incorporation of the analysis of these 0 variable during the electrocardiographic monitorizao 24-hour, will have to improve still more the capacity of this technique to identify the patients of high risk.