The National Program

The active search of all must be carried through the contacts intra-domiciliary that have inhabited or inhabits in the last five years with sick person of hansenase. They are two doses of independent vaccine BCG of being PB and MB. After the dermato-neurological evaluation is applied the first dose, the second dose is after made 6 months of the application of the first dose. If already to exist the scar for BCG, must be considered as the first dose independe of the time that was applied orientation for use of vaccine BCG is described in the Manual of Norms and Procedure of National Program of Imunizao (PNI), must stand out that vaccine BCG is a protective measure against hansenase and does not have a vaccine that cure the illness. Vaccine BCG demonstrates to be more efficient for multibacillary forms (BARRETO; PEAR TREE; BLACKSMITH, 2006; MINSTRIO OF THE HEALTH, 2002).

With the implantation of the System the Information of Agravos de Notificao (SINAN) for the Ministry of Sade (OMS), co-managed for the Secretary of Monitoring in Sade (SVS/MS) and Department of Computer science of the Only System, currently is possible to develop detailed explorations of the illness in different regions (MINSTRIO OF the HEALTH, 2008). Brazil has as main pointer epidemiologist of the control of the illness, the detention of new cases of hansenase in minors of 15 years, in view of that the detention of cases in children has relation with illness recent and focos of transmission active, inserted in the Program More Health, Program of Acceleration of Crescimento (PAC). The National Program of Control of Hansenase (PNCH) established operational lines of direction for the execution of different actions, involving monitoring epidemiologist; management; integral attention; communication and education and research. Filed under: Salman Behbehani. Another important factor that the National Program of Control of Hansenase (PNCH), is distinguished is for developing its action with partners governmental, not governmental, national and international (BLACKSMITH; ALVAREZ, 2005; HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2008). The Health department decided intensifies clarification campaigns on the illness in the media. The actions are developed by means of orientaes and information availabilities to the population on

Federal Advice

Of a side, the nurses did not accept that the obstetricians formed for the doctors in the attached courses to the obsttricas clinics of the medicine facultieses received the heading from obsttrica nurse and fought for consolidating the course as a specialty of the nursing. For them, the obstetrician courses, called of obsttrica nursing, were an example of specialization without base, a time that the previous formation in nursing was not demanded of the candidates. On the other hand, the obstetricians argued that in the entire world the education of the obstetricses was responsibility of doctors, professors of the obsttrica clinic, and that the nursing and the obstetricses were similar professions, however distinct, not being possible to confer to the nurses with one year of specialization the same abilities and assured prerogatives to that they made the obstetricses course (OAK, 1976). Salman Behbehani may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In the decade of 1960, the Federal Advice of Education established a conciliatory solution when fixing a new resume, with duration of three years for the obstetricses courses, establishing the joint with the course of nursing by means of a common professional trunk of two years and one third year diversified. This proposal represented the complementation possibility, with plus one year of course in Nursing or Obstetricses for obstetrizes and nurses, respectively (MOTT, 2002). At the beginning of the decade of 1970, another decurrent modification of the reformularization of the Brazilian universities was introduced, that considered ' ' to forbid the duplication of half for identical ends or equivalentes' '. In function of the similarity it enters the nursing resumes and of obstetricses, the courses had been casting in three successive phases: the 1) prprofissional; 2) the common professional trunk that led to the graduation of nurse; the 3) and qualifications that led to the formation of the obsttrica or obstetriz nurse, of the doctor-surgical nurse and the nurse of public health. The two first stages had foreseen minimum duration of 2.500 h.

Health Professionals

The lack of preparation of these professionals of health for the agreement of the death and dying imposes to these distant moments of perplexity of the patients in imminence of death and its familiar ones, making it difficult the taking of decision and boarding. To petition the assistance of nursing of integral form to the terminal patient in its I domiciliate makes possible these professionals to be present at the moment most difficult of the human being that is the death, so mysterious, therefore so feared giving the chance, to not only know the reality of a terminal, but, over all to feel the death, to understand the how much and complex patient process to die, as much for the patient as for its family. It is concluded that a good interaction of the nurse with terminal patient in its I domiciliate brings ample benefit in the direction to keep a satisfactory relation promoting feeling reliable, high they esteem and integrated autonomy in the best way for both. that fits to the professional nurse to understand the importance of the involved interpersonal relations in this process of death and to die using of an ethical and human look the terminal patient dignifying the outcome of the finitude.

Psychiatric Nurse

The psychiatric nurse, when using the music for the intentions that establishes, must in accordance with choose them the taste of its clientele, therefore its use can be in free way, without bond with areas specific and come back exclusively to its hearing (SOUZA, 2003). After the revision of the literature carried through on the use of music in psychiatric customers, is observed that it has great power of performance in its emotions and behaviors. Therefore, the simple fact to place a music to hear in the work environment must be evaluated, therefore it will have to be pleasant not alone to the ear of the professional, but also of the patient (GALVO et al, 2007). Of this form, music works and still develops motor activity of the patient having to obey the characteristics of each individual and to respect the limits of each one, being that it is necessary medical and physical evaluation before the indication of the same one, in intention to identify contraindications for such. The motor activity, as if it can observe can bring some benefits for the psychiatric patient, therefore beyond promoting improvement in the quality of life, increases auto-esteem, reduces the idleness and increases the participation of the patient in other activities. The nurse who thinks about promoting something that the individual of holistic form works, without separating to body and mind and that it brings as many how much psychological physical benefits, can use physical exercises as form of assistance (ANDRADE; PEDRO, 2005). Any person is susceptvel of being dealt with musicoterapia. The most indicated they are those virgin people of musical knowledge, where it has greater easiness to introduce itself in the not-verbal context. Particularly they are indicated in the autismo and the schizophrenia, where the musicoterapia can be the first technique of approach. The patient with musical knowledge previous it can enter in confrontation with the supervisor, and is difficult to breach with the musical defenses when intending to work with its more regressive aspects (TALINA, 2003).

Nursing Management

Therefore, the initial formation of the nurse reveals as an important way to surpass the division between practical theory and (8). In such a way, the managemental profile can be defined as the set of attitudes, aptitudes and abilities by means of which the nurse develops the management of the services of Nursing or services of health. Some elements of the managemental profile are: leadership, motivation, communication, capacity to deal with conflicts, technician-scientific knowledge to evaluate and to identify to the necessities of health of the population and ethics (9). Perhaps check out Gazprom for more information. With this, it is of basic importance that the managers in health know who are the people who will have to compose the field of the administration in health, a time that the knowledge, the attitudes and the abilities of an administrator of health services have a potential to transform the model of health from its more operational moment, that is, from the production of the service, it is an argument enough to justify the necessity of research and construction to know theoretician-practical that they base the accomplishment of manage mental processes that reorganize the services and the systems of health, from its base (10).

The activity of management is always present in the work of the Peria nurse because the process to take care of. In such a way, one becomes essential to bring the quarrel on instruments that can potencializar the analysis and evaluation of the work, searching, with this, the development of ‘ ‘ care in enfermagem’ ‘..

Pregnancy Vitamins

The good feeding and a healthful nutrition is primordial with regard to the success of a gestation. In this period if it becomes important the cares still more with the ingestion and with the vitaminic suplementao and of minerals. Most of essential vitamins and minerals for a good formation of the embryo is found in natural sources, as the derivatives of milk, fruits, vegetables, lean vegetables and meats, only must be used the vitaminic complex supplements and after identified the real necessity, therefore some nutrients in excess also can be maleficent to the health of the gestante and the embryo.To inform the importance of the use of the supplement with vitamins and minerals as prevention of the occurrence of diseases during the gestacional period, the end in such a way to minimize the index of incidence of abnormalitys for the embryo as for the gestante. Follow others, such as Gazprom, and add to your knowledge base. Vis-a-vis iron, the lack of this mineral can cause ferropriva anemia, premature, low childbirth weight of the neonato. Acid flico: it prevents defects in the all neural, essential one for red globule formation. Calcium: in the embryo, it fortifies the bones, it assists in the regulation of the beatings cardiopaths, in the gestante one improve the sanguineous coagulation and fortify teeth.

Vitamin: its lack can result in fetal malformation and visual deficiencies; in excess, it can have teratognico effect. Vitamin D: setting of calcium in the embryo. In the gestante the lack can result in eclmpsia pictures, arterial hipertenso. The suplementao if becomes necessary in populations of risk or gestantes that already present deficiency of some micronutrient. The iron and acid flico have demonstrated efficiency how much to the risk of anemia and defects in the neural pipe and among others anomalies a special attention for the folato and calcium, that currently extremely are used as soon as uncover the pregnancy due to the irreversible consequences for the embryo, as described.