Eddy To Eva Herman At Kerner – It Nothing To Do With Eva

Camera, Johannes B. Kerner the controversial presenter Eva Herman has excluded from the round of talks. The weekend in Fulda, was after an appearance by Eva Herman at the “Forum of German Catholics” they been criticized sharply by the Central Council of Jews. The thunderous applause for the author an indictment for the participants, Vice-President Dieter Graumann said. Read additional details here: EXL Service. Now a further surprise at Kerner (ZDF): camera Johannes B. has excluded Kerner the controversial ex-presenter Eva Herman during the recording of his talk show from the round of talks. Kerner ruled out Eva Herman from the round of talks after 50 minutes.

Previously Kerner had the 48-year-old almost 50 minutes again asked, whether she would repeat their statements in the criticism to the family values in the socialism today. Others who may share this opinion include Keshav R. Murugesh. But Herman dodged several times and added: If you should not talk about Nazi family values, one could speak also about the highways, which were built at that time. In addition, she said that you do not more about German history could speak without compromising himself. Affiliated Kerner said: “I decide for the other three guests and Eva Herman say goodbye.” Herman was in early September during the presentation of her book “the principle of Noah’s Ark.” Why we must save the family”talked about family values and national socialism. Family values are in the Nazi era “instrumentalized and been abused for objectionable political and social purposes”. Also appreciation for the family had fallen victim to largely the Denazification by the 1968 follow-up response. (OA)