All processes in the light of new technologies and methodologies and not to wrap the ego who is convinced of having created the company more efficient and productive as possible with his leadership and intervention should be reviewed in times of crisis. Efficiency is a relative concept and should be examined in horizontal comparisons with peers sector within and outside the country, especially with the leaders and in vertical comparisons with whom they supplied or require your product or service and how they use it or they could get to produce it when you are not your best alternative. All processes are susceptible to improvement, late or early there will be someone who can make it better or more efficiently or technology that ensures the same or better results at lower cost. Creativity and innovation will always be at the service of those who want to use them to be better and take advantage of its existence. Click this computer is a phrase so trite that it has begun to lose its meaning, it has become so impersonal and little appreciated, as the protocolary greeting given to people on the street or at the reception of a building. Click computer seems so obvious behavior, which for the same reason nobody cares about its compliance. In many companies people work in group, that is in the company of others, with some degree of communication and physical closeness and that usually call it team.

A team true is the one that people who are part of the group, at the same time are the perfect complement to the successful completion of an activity. Not enough that each one is efficient in what they do, must be efficient in which contributes to the goal of the Group and the way as complements to their co t.92 to achieve the individual benefit and common at the same time. Imagine a team consisting of real stars, but that don’t get results. 11 of the best archers in the world placed on a football field are not enough so that they can be considered as a team. Computers require members to be supplementary to each other, i.e. people with skills and common capabilities that can contribute to the realization of a common work when someone is missing or need support because activity goes beyond its possibilities of time or effort to perform them. In the case of the football team, is supplemental a striker that can replace another striker who was injured in the event of injury. But also need supplementary members, i.e.

those that provide knowledge and that others do not possess and skills that are necessary for the success of the activity. On the soccer team, defenders, midfielders, the goalkeeper and fronts, are complementary because each possesses some skills that put them together make it possible the efficient realization of the proposed group activity. So that make equipment is not having groups of people working together, is to ensure that their knowledge and skills, complement efficiently to each other to be competitive and successful. Make equipment in times of crisis I mean to accept and give help to others for rowing together and leaving the rapids as winners.