The Why

After that all the young people were expectant because they did not understand the message of the wise elder samurai. if they trusted him and knew he was close to a great learning experience. Swarmed by offers, EOG Resources Inc. is currently assessing future choices. It was then moved toward the stream and filled his bottle of fresh water from the river, turned quickly and went back to ask again. Would you consider that all this water into the bowl, the answer again was unanimous and this time many of them, the largest in the group thought that this time the great master had lost his head, nobody would have gotten a drop of water meter in the large bowl that is not infinite. It was when the old man suddenly began to drop the fresh river water into the bowl, leaving stunned all young, except one, the boy who had full confidence in the wisdom of the old samurai. That was how the old man managed to pour all the water in the bowl, despite being full of stones, pebbles and sand. Very quietly as was his usual sense, sat down, hiding the sun in the mountains due to the decline of the day, began to explain the why of it all. .- The bowl represents life teenagers. .- The stones are all that important to every one of you, as is the family, children, health, friends, love, what you are passionate about. It is that which, though we lost the rest, would fill our lives with the first concern.