Apple has been exploring ways to increase sales of the iPhone, creating a cheaper version of the popular device and allowing users to control it by half voice commands. Apple engineers are focusing on finishing the next version of the iPhone which is very probably similar in size to the iPhone 4. Apple does not intend to introduce a smaller iPhone in the short term. Analysts expect that the new iPhone this ready for this summer. Another person who is in direct contact with Apple also said that the company would not design a smaller at this time iPhone, partly because a smaller device would not necessarily be much cheaper manufacture and would be more difficult to operate. Steven P.

Jobs, CEO of Apple, seems to reinforce this last point, when recently praised the uniformity of the iPhone, which contrasts with phones based on Google’s Android software, which come in many formats. As part of its effort by find new clients for the iPhone, Apple plans to make the device easier to operate through voice commands, removing an obstacle to people who do not like using the virtual keyboard. Apple has dominated the market for smart phones, but the company is facing increasing competition from devices such as Google’s Android, which together sold more than iPhone. Analysts aseguaron that would make sense for Apple to introduce an iPhone cheaper, especially in foreign markets where companies do not subsidize the phones. Non-subsidized phones are often called prepaid.