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At the same time to reset the excess water drains into the collective is recommended to use pumps which have a free pass at least 10 mm, such as a series grundfos kp (in the case stainless steel) or lungs Unilift ss (they have a plastic housing and convenient for occasional use). The optimal solution for a good drainage system will use this pump in the performance of float or vertical level switch – it will protect the unit from abnormal situations and ensure its long-term work. " Given the fact that the pumps can be used in a variety of conditions in the market there are some models that can operate in submerged condition. This is useful when you want to eliminate the small "flood", for example – in basements and pedestals after heavy rains or spring floods. Swarmed by offers, Austin Chalk is currently assessing future choices. Drain Care As a general rule, modern high quality equipment used in drainage systems, additional care is not needed, which can not be said about the drainage systems in general. The first step is to from the beginning installation of drainage was carried out professionally and in accordance with all regulations. Otherwise it may happen, for example, shrinkage pipe, resulting in impair the entire system. Upon delivery of the drainage in the operation of the by a contractor is issued a passport drain, which in the future must reflect all the conversion, fault repairs and system status.

From the owner of the site requires a systematic (Approximately four times a year) survey of manholes, drainage pipes, sewer. Also be sure to inspect the system in the spring and after the loss of significant rainfall. Problems such as contamination or siltation of pipes, the site owner can solve on their own: the most common way to clean drains – Hydraulic. If there was some bad sediment laid pipe or any other serious obstacles to the operation of the system, it is better to entrust the work of all professionals. Another Roman jurists said that the possession of the property generates not only rights but also responsibilities. Each owner own plot of land may dispose of them at its own discretion when deciding what to build here or sow. But here is an organization of reliable drainage system – it is the duty of everyone, thanks to the success of which appears entitled to their place in the sun, not under water. Press office of the company "Grundfos"