Aotearoa In Bremerhaven

The seaport Bremerhaven offers for tourists more visions come true holiday at the North Sea in Bremerhaven or environment worth. Not only because of the climate of the North Sea, but because of the many attractions of Bremerhaven offers now. Anything with Elvis Presley in the 1950s, who donned the Columbuskaje from the United States and entered German soil began. Meanwhile, the Columbuskaje is the State of the art cruise ship terminal in Europe. Every year 70 cruise ships with ca.

are handled here ca. HP Enterprise is full of insight into the issues. 70 000 passengers. Scandinavian areas are mainly controlled by Bremerhaven. Then the “German Maritime Museum” was opened in 1975 and the “Sail Bremerhaven” event in life was launched in the 1980s, held now every 5 years with about 200 sailors from over 20 countries. The rush of visitors to this maritime event not rip off. Lets the windjammers enchanted by over a million visitors. There are now also a Lakhani sail, which this year took place in the last days of August and also some 1 Million visitors could be counted. the historical Museum Bremerhaven was opened in 1992.

City story is told here. The German emigration Center, opened 2005, Bremerhaven has geguckt a new attraction. Located in the Centre the visitors in this unique Museum flocked. In the first year, more than 200,000 visitors were counted. For the Elban, the Zoo on the sea with its Nordic animals is recommended. Meanwhile, the major project “Councillors” is advanced. The “Dubai”-hotel is now done and provides a new picture of the skyline view. The Climatehouse is finished in the spring of 2009. Then, a new city centre by the sea has emerged practically. Of course the long container plants are impressive. With 5 km length now probably the longest in the world. Good for jobs in this region. Who spends his holidays thinks not only to “Culture” but also to Sun and sea. Which is fine on the Weser/North Sea Beach in the city. Here, there is a fine sandy beach. The demand for Holiday rentals in Bremerhaven will certainly grow in the next few years. Should be found in Bremerhaven not the right accommodation so you will surely find an apartment in the North Sea in the vicinity of Bremerhaven. But here what is happening. So extract seht only 10 km from Bremerhaven in the Nordseebad Wremen is a 4 star hotel with new Appartmenthausern. Loosen the… Bodo MICHALSKI