There are people who have labor problems and seek the possibility of starting a micro-entrepreneurship, or do a job on your own. However, prior preparation on the desired task, is essential in order to have the necessary knowledge to carry out. We decided to then make a course for the Assembly and repair of PCs in Mendoza, in the comfort of the closeness of our neighborhood. But, do we know what conditions such a course must have to be considered useful? First of all will be to adapt the timetables and other obligations to the demands of the course. That is why we have to choose those that will allow us to accommodate the schedules of coursed, and courses that enable us to change them and adapt them to the rhythm of our life today. It is essential to also find a place that will give us all the guarantees of reliability and responsibility, as well as recognition from the community. The update is essential in the new hardwares and programs available.

Every year new models and developments are released to the market original connectors, plates mothers, micro chips, and all the elements that are part of a PC. It is therefore essential to be kept up-to-date with respect to new technologies, since in a few years, a computer that was new and modern in his time is completely obsolete. To assemble a PC efficiently it is necessary to know the basic fundamentals of physics associated to achieve proper operation. For example, we need to know what different voltages a power source can provide, since it would be fatal to apply improper voltage to a component, so it would be permanently damaged. Getting to distinguish the past performance of a computer basics is one of the basic conditions that should be required in the selected course. We have to also take into account the availability of material, since, once the course has been completed, it would be very convenient to have permanent reference material to which recourse, as well as to an adviser who clarify doubts arising. Know that we have a service attention the user quick and easy access is an additional guarantee which will be beneficial to search. The proximity to the home, or the possibility, even perform the course from home is something highly desirable. Why do a course of Assembly and repair of PCs in Mendoza becomes a simple task, when we give with the right supplier.