The karmic Astrology speaks of our previous lives, facts, errors, benefits, we bring to our current lives. Life in life, the process is continuing, and the karmic astrology is dedicated to disentangle these processes to apply the knowledge of these to current life. Studies human behavior models to understand the psychological effects of other reincarnations and energetic repetitions of our subconscious. It also helps us to uncover those secrets, complexes or hallucinations, which we hardly dare to recognise, but know for sure that they are there, in the darker of the mind, and that we can only understand and overcome through deep meditation, an observation of thought and a complex study of the birth chart. The law of Karma and reincarnation is part of the universal balance, where opposite energies are the same thing, similar to the electric current that is indifferent if plugged in one way or another, since the two poles of the cable have the ability to bring power positive or negative. All existence has non-life and every human being has a soul.

The soul is reincarnated for improve and so increase our own inner God, until it is so large that it has been released and handed over to so many other souls who no longer need physical existence, since there is in the own energy of the whole of creation, coming to join with her. Therefore we not achieve perfect lighting until anyone we have played has been illuminated by our contact and they, in turn, help us with our spiritual body. It is ludicrous to think that God is so unfair to cause inequality among human beings. Undoubtedly we are now not equal nor do we have the same opportunities, but every human being should learn the same lessons at various times, in all their lives and through different experiences and contact with other human beings.