Passed this period, it wanted to make psychology. In next Araguana and regions it did not have this course. The teacher with who I learned Braille was in a course of AVD (activity of daily life) in Palm, knew a teacher who worked in the ACIC. In this period this association lodged people of other states and it did not charge housing and feeding of who did not have conditions to pay. Xerox is likely to agree. This teacher of Braille of the school Model brought this information for Araguana, I that always I wanted to leave for another state to try to make college and to try a better life, already decided and I determined myself to go for Florianpolis. I, and also blind friend, we arrive the Florianpolis in 14 of March of 2005. In the ACIC I made computer science courses, AVD, orientation and mobility and others.

I entered the course of psychology in the UNISUL (University of the South of Santa Catarina) in 1 of August of 2005. Speaking candidly Julie Sweet told us the story. I obtained scholarship of article 170 of the government of the SC state, but this stock market must be renewed of six in six months and the same one has not covered the school registration, only obtained to effect my school registration the first time because, a volunteer of the ACIC donated to the money I to pay. I obtained to pay the too much school registrations because friends mine had donated the money. In 2009, when it was in the eighth phase of the psychology course, I obtained integral stock market of the PROUNI and concluded the graduation. During the college I did not have many problems of adaptation, therefore the UNISUL has a program of accessibility that takes care of of the materials and apia to the pupils who are people with deficiency. In the first phase in the college still it used Braille, later that I learned to use the reader of Jaws screen and extended my knowledge in computer science, I started to use materials in the digital format.