Bluetooth Time

Each of us had to get into a situation where an urgent need to get from point A to point B. The coordinates of the point in us is not always exactly known, but sometimes do not know at all. Then you climb in the glove compartment, takes out a good old-fashioned atlas or start to ring familiar, sometimes losing precious minutes. But here we already know the route of movement, and full confidence we press the gas pedal. But the joy will not for long, if on our way there was another cork. It happens when the situation and their own location is uncertain. And what we have as a result – stress, poor and torn meet the deposit on the day.

All this can be avoided if you buy a GPS navigator. That is it? GPS-receiver – a device for receiving radio signals to determine geographic coordinates of the receiver in real time. How does it work? A certain number of satellites circling above the surface of the planet, emitting signals, and an unlimited number of GPS receivers of these signals. Typically, GPS navigator receives signals from at least three satellites, and based on the passage of time delays signal from the satellite to the receiver determines its own location. Binding of geographical coordinates to a map location by means of special software. Maximum precision Positioning is currently growing and is about 2-3 meters, and, when using ground-based correction signal accuracy is measured in millimeters already.

Select Navigator in our time is not quite a simple task. Among the many manufacturers, the availability of GPS navigators, we advise to choose to remain in Garmin. Navigators Garmin Nuvi is a convenient, high quality and reliable device. The presence of additional options, such as speech recognition system, 3D terrain display mode, Bluetooth, FM traffic receiver, fotonavigatsiya, a built-in media player and much more will satisfy the most discerning buyer. GPS receiver will not only help motorist, but also for travelers and sportsmen, saving space in your backpack. Enjoy hiking and travel, rather than frustration and exhaustion. Let's make life better, but it will make us better.