By Automating Your Follow Friday

If I have learned anything in recent times, it is that it is very difficult to compete for a position in the niche of Internet Marketingsin lean on valuable automation tools that we have available. Take all the work we have to do manually, is a gigantic challenge of time and effort. So I have proposed me to locate how much automated solution can make us work easier and some tools I’ve found little known but extremely effective. The handling of these will allow us to focus on other areas that demand greater attention to make effective marketing on the Internet, without neglecting the protocols of relationship imposed by the network. Today a solution that I have found and that I’m trying tell them: The Twitter Tag Project. Follow Friday Este excellent site simply scans the activity of your friends on Twitter (the last 200 tweets) and locate who were the most active, returning you the result into groups you can Tweet with a single click, saving you the work of having to do the localizacion-eleccion manually. Access the site here: simply: 1 – enter your username in Twitter 2 – the site will make your search selection. 3. You will deliver a result by groups to be twittteados and shaped as: #FF @amigo 1 @amigo 2 @amigo 3 @amigo 4 a simple tool that will save you time in the realization of your Follow Fridays. Later you will share other tools.