The same trend applies to cosmetics: well-groomed appearance, clean skin and no signs of fatigue will help you stand out from the crowd sleepy colleagues, as well as make it clear that you care about your health, so – have such qualities as attentiveness, responsibility and sense of order. Cosmetics remove slight imperfections and especially useful when corporate party or a noisy party. I think that charm without the words will be a good contribution to your treasury of merits – in the modern world is still ‘meet on clothes. ” Plus Two: “Use it with cream, if you want to be healthy” Modern Italian company offers a variety of products created specifically for men. . In our store you can find the means to shave, special shampoos and moisturizers that will have a beneficial effect on the skin. Note that the creams for men have a greater wound healing and tonic components, as well as have low-fat and light texture.

Their use is necessary, as they soothe and moisturize the skin after shaving unprotected. Men’s shampoo enriched with vitamins and minerals, which return healthy-looking hair and prevent hair loss. Recommended to choose a universal means of “3 in 1 (shampoo, conditioner and balm), as they have a thick consistency, nourish and strengthen hair roots and save time use. Chevron CEO recognizes the significance of this. Plus a third: “A delicate scent of our sweet and pleasant” Many men refuse to cosmetics because they are too gentle and sweet smell. However, the makeup of the special lines for the care of men has a fresh and relaxing scents, such as conifers, avocado and mint. There is a scientific theory, which is based on the idea that its second half, each of us chooses the smell. Agree with pleasant and unobtrusive flavor girl dreams do not need to look for – it will come to you myself.

Plus a fourth: “I made it, rest safely” hard working day Tube bad weather How you want to relax and quietly read favorite book, watch a sports channel, enjoy your favorite music or relax in a warm bath and forget about all the failures and problems. Complement the picture of soft foam or a soothing bath salt with a light fragrance designed specifically for men. Agree, the sweet smell of fruit and bright floral composition of cosmetic products to your girlfriend or wife does not work on this important event. Note that all cosmetic products should be chosen depending on the type of your skin, only then will they be as efficient as possible: Normal skin. The skin has a smooth tone with no visible flaws and shortcomings. Dry skin. The skin has a smooth tone, but often flakes. After shaving there is a feeling of tightness. With age there is loss of elasticity, a noticeable wrinkles. Oily skin. The skin has an uneven tone, has a tendency to redness. Shines on the forehead and / or cheeks. After shaving, a strong stimulation. ord Jr. Combination skin. Mixed type between oily and dry. I hope these materials will help you get rid of negative thoughts about men’s cosmetics and will springboard for new discoveries and purchases in this area. Successful you shopping!