Energy Recycling

These different groups advocate different conceptions of the universe. The theories advocated by the majority groups are well known and very pessimistic, but the theories that defend minorities, are not so well known, and are the only optimistic, so we intend to discuss them in this document. THEORIES: That is, we will refer basically four theories of minorities or four possibilities for an optimistic end to the universe: that of those who believe that the matter-energy is finite, and not believe in the law of conservation of energy . (Theory of the great heresy). The of those who believe that matter-energy is finite, and if you believe in the law of conservation of energy but also believe in the recycling of matter and energy. (Theory of Cosmic Recycling). Of those who believed that all matter-energy is infinite and therefore not interested in the validity or invalidity of the law of conservation of energy. (Theory of the eternal infinity).

The of those who believe that energy-matter has all the possibilities: It is infinite, which is created and recycled. (Theory of the living universe) If either of them is true … The world will not have a bad end. These theories optimistic minorities have common ground, namely space and time are infinite and eternal. The rest of the universe, or matter and energy is an amorphous, three-dimensional set. About as likely to have the visible universe or the set of matter-energy known, said that some people claim that it can be flat or may even be well-known shapes of objects such as saddles, helmets areas, funnels , threads, horns, others believe that the most reasonable is to be amorphous or like a cloud or perhaps, as irregular as a roasted corn, what if we are convinced that it should be three-dimensional and somewhat irregular.