Google Option

Elche (Alicante), April 26, 2011. – Autobuga, dedicated ten years to the realization of management software, has become a great alternative of self-employment. The franchise is an important option for entrepreneurs who decide to create their own business, to require a minimal investment and be highly profitable. Autobuga is a tool that assists in the purchase and sale of vehicles, to do business easily, since it offers a list of cars to customers in more than 100 agencies a mouse. At the same time, automatically refreshes the web page and sends new vehicles to more than 25 vehicles sales portals automatically and in a single step without having to load the photos and information of each one of them.

The key to this business is in that since it is a software, the investment required to begin the activity is minimal, since it is not necessary to have a commercial premises; on the contrary, the profitability is high, being a sector booming with competition minimum. The data make it clear. According to a study presented by Google, Internet has become the source of information most commonly used by new vehicle buyers, surpassing even the dealers. In fact, 72 percent of these buyers use the network for information and more than one-third use it to find dealers. In addition, it has become the starting point of your research, the place in which the future buyer starts his search and where spent virtually the entire process up to the purchase.

This must unite that the fall in the number of registrations of vehicles decreased drastically last year, which shows the wrong time that pass through dealers. Autobuga, aware of this situation, has wanted to open a new market niche and is generating profits in a sector still without competition. In these times of strong economic crisis in which it is very difficult to generate employment, self-employment option is becoming in the great alternative for many people and Autobuga is, therefore, an important option for entrepreneurs. About Autobuga Autobuga is a franchise low initial investment and high profitability in addition to having low structural costs since it is not necessary to have a commercial space to develop the activity. Becomes also a self-employment option, at the moment in which the jobs are scarce. Also, Autobuga offers the franchisee a great opportunity to market a powerful tool exclusively in a particular province and a nil competition in the sector. Autobuga is a company that has more than ten years working on the realization of management software. In addition, you can update your website automatically, also send their new vehicles to more than 25 vehicles of automatic sales portals and without the need to download photos and information of each one of them.