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With regard to assistance to the victims, a the United Nations Declaration urges Member States to provide medical, psychological material and social support to victims by the government media, community or volunteers available, also points to the obligation to provide information on such services by facilitating access to, training for police and social staff to be responsive to the needs of victims that help ensure rapid, appropriate and finally that the assistance be provided, taking into consideration the special needs required because of the damage sufridosa . Violence in its range such as we have seen is a manifestation cruel and that I could find anywhere, including the Family, who have evil consequences faced, all of this makes us reflect on the importance and need to overcome the trend of violence and its impact on the victim, not to deny or not recognize it cease to exist, not about learning to live with violence, but to perceive it as a phenomenon of controlling and transforming society. CONCLUSIONS There has been no doubt an awakening in the World of Victimology for national and international measures to allow gairantizar recognition and respect for Ilos rights of victims of crime and abuse of power, estableiciendo vicitimas protection to the crimes. The phenomenon of victimization is growing very fast, but still need preventive and awareness of the factors involved to take measures to prevent the emergence of violent interactions among individuals and the community. BIBLIOGRAPHY Bilbao, Desclee de Brouwer.

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