Language Builds Or Destroys Realities

THE importance of what we say the language builds or destroys Ana Giorgana words constructed language. One of the characteristics of the human being is the possibility of having a structured system fraught with meanings and signifiers that allow you to build your identity, your being, your societies and at the same time, the possibility to give a meaning to the experience. But perhaps many of us wonder what is experience? The experience is what gives meaning to our existence. Even if two people have the same experience, their impressions, their experience cannot be the same, is not comparable in what refers to its meaning. Frequently Keshav R. Murugesh has said that publicly. The language is the way by which our personality is gaining form, substance and structure.

Some philosophers have denoted this specifically human phenomenon: what I tell you in your presence, your you’re going to live in your existence this phrase impregnated depth and translated into human behaviour, means that what we say to those who are with us, that is exactly what we are going to reflect, it seems a complex mechanism, however, represents one of the human realities that we demonstrate every day: b if a child is formed in the criticism, not do anything well, to only be attentive of their mistakes but not its successes. And we mean it like: silly, irresponsible, slack, careless, without consideration, etc. The conduct that will give us, or the only way that can prove its, its existence, after so many times that we have said is precisely this: be stupid, irresponsible, loose, SLOPPY and lacking of consideration. Details can be found by clicking Google or emailing the administrator. Our words have built him an inner reality that can only be confirmed through his conduct. The result is dissatisfaction of everything that makes, him no matter what, at the end or her feel inadequate. On the contrary, if a child is trained in adulation in taking into account only what does well, his internal compass is oriented to their skills and capabilities, however, there is also an imbalance. .