Leticia Llama

Meredith Belbin in its theory (1993), that as comments Leticia Llama, the people we showed a certain tendency to represent one or two preferred rolls of habitual form, reason why it is possible to raise that the rolls are spontaneous, intuitive and emotional. The behaviors that characterize the rolls are influenced by factors of the personality, the behaviors learned, the technical capabilities which we enjoy and the knowledge of the task, besides the abilities that we demonstrate for the satisfactory execution of some activity. They also influence in them the values that we have and the experience that there are accumulated throughout the life, giving like result a knowledge that also influences. We express factors that influence in the attainment of the equipment rolls, as already we know we acted according to our experiences, motivations and the surroundings among others factors, these determine the behavior of the individuals before the different tasks and moments from the life. At the time of carrying out a roll we show these aspects since we are the result of the union of the same, but when we pretended a roll we are not putting in evidence our real form and false expectations therefore can arise towards us. These expectations we want at some moments that they are thought because we needed a position or a determined place, but this way we commit the error of perhaps not being able to carry out suitably the activity entrusted since it is not our form and cannot carry out the required thing of effective way. It is considered that value of the theory constitutes the fact to allow all, equipment and individuals, to benefit by all means from the knowledge of all and, to allow therefore a greater adaptation to means. In addition, it constitutes one of the most operative theories whereupon one at the moment counts for the analysis and effective integration of the work parties.