Managerial Accounting

Program 1C: Managing a joint decision of the firm '1 S 'and companies' RU-SYSTEMS' to automate the management of Financial Accounting Product of the Year. From 2 to 5 October in Moscow, Russia Exhibition Center was the 18th annual exhibition of information technologies Softool-2007. In the category 'problem-oriented software' won the software '1 C: Control 2.0 '. Internal accounting program is designed to provide the enterprise managerial accounting, which relies on real data and used exclusively within the organization, providing information for managers and owners of businesses. Financial Accounting program includes as operational reporting, and reporting on key financial management indicators: cash flow, with analysts on articles movements of money and a plan-actual analysis run budget cash flow. Financial result (profit or loss) of the enterprise, including in each direction of his activity or project.

Managerial balance for monitoring the state of the company (money, property, goods and materials), earnings and capital, as well as the state settlements. The program for the 'real' program directors focused on executives who are not necessarily experts in financial and economic sphere and IT-technologies. The main task of the head – to manage the business and not understand the methodology of accounting. Therefore, the development program focused on creating usable and understandable format for the input and presentation of information. The rapid development of '1 C: Managing 'combines the rapid assimilation for untrained and high speed operation for experienced users. The ergonomics of the product allows its use in stages functional. Starting with work on solving individual problems, such as accounting cash flow, you can consistently, as necessary, to move to full economic integration of enterprise operations with all its functionality. Platform '1 C: Enterprise 8 'is set the main program delivery '1 C: Control' is a platform '1 C: Enterprise 8 '. Capabilities of modern and technological platforms enable implement the functionality of the program and its unique interface solutions. Thanks to the development tools included in the platform '1 C: Enterprise 8 ', the program may be adapted to individual characteristics accounting enterprise.