Mathematics Program TO POSSESS ASPECTS MOTIVACIONAIS THAT DESPERTAM AND KEEPS THE ATENO OF THE USER I believe that it does not have nothing motivante of what to make some thing that of certain form is going very well, something that is not giving no migraine to it, of certain form is even pleasant to continue what you are making, until if a pupil with difficulty in integral calculus concludes its activity, now imagines, and if he comes across with a calculator capable to carry through such expression, the pupil goes to calculate what to want, but the pupil does not go to obtain to only learn with ready answers, and yes with because of those answers, we go to use this expression ' '? 2x+2x + (1/2) dx' ' the reply he is following ' ' (2x /3) + (x ) + (x/2) + c' ' , but the pupil if question because the program arrived at this result? He is possible to know because, the property simplest you integrate of them is to divide each calculation in integrals and to separately decide them in this case ' '? 2x dx+? 2x dx+? 1/2dx' ' after the separation he is simple is enough formulates to use it to calculate the integrals (n zn/n) separate and later joining them in an addition, he does not have nothing motivante of what to make a well complex calculation without migraine and complication. TO BE CAPABLE TO ATTRACT AND TO CONQUER INTEREST OF THE USERS After deciding many expressions mathematical the pupil finishes if convincing of that the program is really very good, and each time that if to come across with one I calculate challenger goes to remember a tool that with certainty can solve its problem Microsoft Mathematics. DIFICULADADES For being a mathematics software the certain standards of insertion of data in the program, so that the same it can understand and decide the problem, for example an equation of first degree x +2b+c, if writing this in the Mathematics it calculates, but not as an equation of as the degree, but if to place x +2b+c=0, now yes, it calculates without problems, to use the program is necessary to observe the syntax of data entry in the same, for each type of calculation they exist macetes so that the same it is decided, but happily this macetes is for complex calculations with derivatives, integrates and limits, as I already said previously, with the use I continue the pupil finishes catching skill, after a time it passes until to manipulate the data entry to arrive at the result with more easiness.