Navigation Systems

When visiting a web page, the first difficulty facing the visitor lies in the structure that it has within its navigation plan, the easier it is to access, the less likely that visitors become discouraged and decide to visit another page. Therefore, it is necessary that a navigation system provides for certain items that help the visitor during their stay within it. The following are several recommendations to ensure quick navigation and productive: 1. Report at all times the location of the visitor .- When browsing a web site, the visitor needs to know where you are and this can be achieved easily if highlighted in the navigation bar – either in bold, underline, or using a graphic element – the title of the page or visited link. 2. To provide immediate links to places previously visited .- The person often want to enter back to already visited links minutes ago, therefore it is advisable to leave a trail for their back without any problems occur. Example: Start Computer Equipment.

3. Submit browse options .- The visitor needs to have on hand a list of links to visit during their stay in the portal. Your access to every part of the page should be as smooth as possible, ensuring thorough exploration of the visited page. 4. Add activities or actions that visitors can carry out during their stay in the portal.

Example: Access the Special Offers, Sign Up, Sign-weekly newsletter, etc. Such phrases give momentum to achieve an interaction between the site and the visitor. 5. Finally, you should always add a link that allows the visitor to return immediately – if desired – to the home page. Many people get lost in a doorway, despite the ease with which the navigation system is present, it is necessary to have a rapid exit to start browsing. On some occasions to return to this starting point, simply click on the phrase