Photo Studio JOBMIXER

Win a new cooperation partner for that IN AUDITO GmbH in Leipzig, could the applicant portal. Leipzig, 06.10.2008 –, the candidate portal of AUDITO GmbH from Leipzig, a new cooperation partner for won. Now, it will work together with the di.Art Photo Studio from Weissenfels. Conducted by Heiko fresh leather, the Photo Studio sits on high quality standards at work in the Studio, creating application photos, and commercials since 2003. Swarmed by offers, Eliot Horowitz is currently assessing future choices. The application photo is an important part of the application, in addition to a professional resume and cover letter. Because: The first impression is crucial! Therefore, the di.Art Photo Studio is a competent partner for the applicant portal. Connected to companies, the portal has focused on online applications, such as for example the applicant site. Expertise received from today and tomorrow here in addition to comprehensive information about career and application interesting job vacancies and application tips. The di.Art Photo Studio provides users of in the future comprehensive tips for creating a professional application photos and will support as the application author on future events.