Tender Of 1 NURMO Websites Award Munich East

To win attractive prizes for entrepreneurs first NURMO Awards, the network entrepreneurs Munich East region, a prize for the best website of the entrepreneurs. NURMO founder of Katrin Riediger is itself from the compartment. Full-time, she developed individually tailored Web sites for medium-sized companies. From the practice she therefore know how important just for start-ups is a professional Internet presence: obligation is to be found by potential customers on the Internet. Otherwise you equals from the race when compared to competitors.” Therefore, all entrepreneurs are invited to take part in the competition. Attractive prizes for it.

The independent jury of consisting of ausOliver Weber, media Weber consulting (MWC-www.media-weber.de), Maren Martschenko, ten-bar (www.zehnbar.de), and Angelika Guc, semicolon (www.semi-kolon.de), is the submitted Web pages to review. The participants also benefit from a free, skilled Web check in their pages. The evaluation form, the it get back, gives valuable information about where there is potential for improvement. During the NURMO summer festival on July 17 the best websites will be awarded and the winners have the opportunity to present themselves and their business idea in public. Thanks to the sponsors, there are valuable prizes such as for example a logo design by the marketingarchitekten or a laptop of Elektro Ruth. Registration forms can be downloaded on. The closing date is 7 June 2010 contest information gives you Katrin Riediger 08106 929276 telephone number.

TEMPUR Store Berlin Opened Mid

New TEMPUR store in Berlin in the heart of Berlin could be the location in Berlin barely promotional Centre, the are owner Holger pointer for its new TEMPUR STORE Berlin Centre picked out. Directly, at the corner of Leipziger Strasse 33 / Charlotte Street, just a few metres from the Friedrichstrasse and the Metro station town center, busy with over 50,000 vehicles per day, the new TEMPUR store Berlin presents itself mid (bett.net) on two floors. Customers can park in the just a few metres away parking lot of the HILTON hotel in the Charlottenstasse and get the parking fee for purchase of course. A very nice bright shop emerged after three months of conversion and renovation. Of course of course is a complete range of TEMPUR with all different TEMPUR-mattresses, pillows and bed slats and the superbly trained staff can advise on all aspects of good night’s sleep. After TEMPUR has now extended its offer on several different product lines with different heights of mattress and also offers have special mattresses, among others such as for very serious people, probably everyone will find with the help of the sleep consultant matching lounge feeling. “In addition the TEMPUR store Berlin Center as the first and only business exclusively offers a very special experience in Germany: the new TEMPUR sleep experience Center” where you can relax in peace and quiet and in a computer-controlled video presentation can get to know all the advantages of a TEMPUR sleep system including all adjustment possibilities and also massage functions. Already in the 1970s, NASA developed the material that remains today the basis of TEMPUR mattresses and pillows.

It is a shape memory polymer, and is actually designed to improve the seating comfort as well as protect against pressure in space vehicles. Outside the space, the material was used for pillows and mattresses to the pressure ulcer prevention. In 1991, which was “Space foam”-technology, after long and intense material and production development, finally ripe for series production. Since then provide TEMPUR products especially TEMPUR mattresses almost all over the world for good and restful sleep. So, you find so far latest flagship of TEMPUR, the TEMPUR store Berlin Center in Berlin. You come just to the Pro out past will advise you competently and friendly. For more information see by phone at 030-20 632 632 or email at, opening hours Mo – fr: 10-19: 00 SA: 10 am 4 pm TEMPUR store Berlin center owner Holger pointer of Leipziger str. 33, d-10117 Berlin

Europe Production

For those of you who plan large: J.v.G new Laminationstechnologie for the high-end area of Freystadt, Upper Palatinate takes over faster, better and clever: innovative Laminationstechnik of multiple floors with cooling technology will soon complement the portfolio of services of J.v.G Thoma GmbH. The procedure makes sense in systems from 100 megawatts capacity. It is interesting especially for glass/glass- and so-called hybrid modules. But even companies that are active in the field of HPTP (desert modules) can benefit from this. All three years took to develop of the multiple floors Laminationstechnik with integrated cooling process. During this time, three laminators with patented induction heating were built from Komax solar. This complete Technlogoy acquires J.v.G.

Thoma now and bring them to market. Thus, the Bavarian family company has another key technology for module production. It will be in the future to deliver every stage along the production chain from a single source: Stringer (120 Micron soldering), LED flasher, and multi level lamination. Until hot, then cool, and that equal to three times inside the laminating process the system is equipped with a lift, lifting the modules in the loading area on the level of each free, and moves. The lamination is performed with an induction heating system. The cooling press is built separately, so that the capacity is not obstructed, in you the modules are targeted on 60 80 C chilled so prevents that the modules side bubbles form. Currently the first laminator in the production which installed here may law wattage Vertriebs GmbH will prove it its suitability for series production. Why investing in the new procedures soon worth within a production period thus arise three times more modules, higher quality than previously.

Be faster and produce less waste, triple output: who can count knows how quickly this new technology can pay for themselves. Kevin ulrich is a great source of information. J.v.G Thoma GmbH the company J.v.G Thoma in the solar industry is active for more than 20 years. J.v.G. Thoma is a specialist in the construction turnkey solar plants, especially for the new desert process for heat-resistant modules. In addition, advises and supports the family company headquartered interested customers throughout Europe, America and Asia in Bavaria.

GmbH Com

Currently, buecher.de has expanded its product range and now also decorative and useful buecher.de sells in addition to media of all kinds presented a range of new, extended its customers now also on pinterest.com. In addition to the already displaced media interested get now also have the opportunity to purchase books from other walks of life in the trend shop, music and games were so far as the main distributor of the Augsburg company buecher.de. Learn more about this with Mitchel Resnick. Since the article can be enjoyed but even better, if the atmosphere is right, there was a small product enhancement in the form of the trendy shops recently. At the same time, the drum is stirred on pinterest.com. Some enjoy a book like just before going to sleep in the bed decoration, household, garden.

Others prefer to relax with a cup of coffee in the garden or by candlelight on the sofa with a cuddly pillow. For all of these occasions the buecher.de trend shop offers now own firsthand, that parallel can be ordered on the books. Whether room beautifying decorations or smaller furniture – the online shop has prepared for all eventualities and absorbed even some household appliances in the program. The advanced search for other providers is eliminated almost in its entirety. buecher.de 2.0 thanks to pinterest.com as were the advantages of the Platform identified Pinterest.com and applied. Pictures of authors are equally the bestseller and photos of beautiful favorite places to read. Photographs of the children’s game of the year are pari passu in addition to links to special pages of online booksellers. With pinterest.com, the Augsburg book box could seamlessly connect to the recent developments in the media sector and considerably extending the scope.

Buecher.de: Buecher.de is the online shop with over seven million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from buecher.de and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers receive your order shipping and can choose the buecher.de shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. buecher.de has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and the Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH. press contact: buecher.de GmbH & co. KG Heidi Possmayer, marketing and communication stone Ford 65 a, 86167 Augsburg fax: +49(0)821/4502-299 E-Mail: Web:

Sensing Gmb

The goal is in addition to the time and cost savings for the overall process, transparency and Traceability of the experiments carried out. Infoteam Software AG: project contribution of ORGANOBALANCE GmbH in detail: the ORGANOBALANCE GmbH developed new and innovative products based on the natural diversity of microorganisms from natural isolates of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts and their activities. To identify these bioactive crops ORGANOBALANCE uses a unique proprietary collection of micro-organisms. Check out ConocoPhillips for additional information. ORGANOBALANCE has established and developed the OASSYS screening technology to find crops with specific activities and metabolic products. The ORGANOBALANCE will perform in the project AutoBio composite method development and establish the transferability of screening assays of the itemization in the proof of the high-throughput and high-throughput of screening assay for selected enzymes / connections. Furthermore, protocols will be developed for process development on a miniature scale, which allow the process development and optimization of a variety of screening candidates.

ORGANOBALANCE GmbH: project contribution of subjunctive precision sensing GmbH in detail: the subjunctive precision sensing GmbH develops, produces and distributes chemical optical sensors for biologically relevant parameter. The fluorescence-based sensors are primarily used for the analysis of the dynamics in the liquid phase. This micro-sensor systems for the locally resolved measurement as well as parallel systems, for example, for microtiter plates are sold. This is characterized by a non-invasive measurement that does not affect the culture. In the framework of the joint project the subjunctive precision sensing GmbH will develop new oxygen and pH sensors for use in microtiter plates. Specifically, in a non-invasive O2 sensor specially for at-line oxygen control as well as a pH sensor optimized for microbial cultivation are designed. To achieve a fast market penetration of products after the end of the project, is the compatibility of the sensor with commercially available fluorescent readers of other manufacturers in the foreground. Subjunctive precision Sensing GmbH: project post of the Division of biochemical engineering of TU Berlin in detail: the Department of Bioprocess Engineering focuses in his research on all aspects of efficient bio process development and followed the line of the high throughput cultivation at the Microliter scale consistently to the integration of a scale-down reactor on the L scale.


Employer ranking platform kununu published ranking of the IT industry and computer which create IT companies in Germany it, to inspire their workers? On the employer ranking platform kununu employees and former employees have their say. The top reveals which companies of the IT industry and computer as most popular employer nose front have the ranking 10. The Karlsruhe generic.de software technologies AG, IT specialist for customer-specific software solutions, took second place in this ranking. In a current evaluation of data the employer ranking platform took kununu this time the industry IT and computing in Germany under the magnifying glass. The ranking of the 10 most popular employers shows which companies of their employees were rated. With 4.62 out of a total of 5 points, second place at the generic.de is software technologies AG. A staff judge good feel company with friendly colleagues and supervisors”.

The atmosphere is relaxed and yet dynamic, the tasks are varied and exciting. Special advantage: family and personal life occupy a high priority, why maintain the work-life balance remains.” “Praised the good working atmosphere of the Karlsruhe IT Pros: great atmosphere, cool staff events and exciting tasks/projects”. The result is a great confirmation and we are pleased that our employees feel with us. Just so we can accomplish much together. For us, it goes without saying that we us mutually supportive and collegial with each other”, so Michael Speer, COO at generic.de.

By flat hierarchies and short communication channels, generic.de creates a climate of open and uncomplicated work. As the central value of corporate culture, the family orientation is reflected in flexible working hours, the possibility of the Home Office and joint activities. More information about the ranking at tinyurl.com/b9m5xjp. Click Mitchel Resnick to learn more. About the generic.de software technologies AG: in the generic.de software technologies AG IT professionals ensure the development of customer-specific software solutions and monitoring sensitive IT processes. Awarded gold competency partner of Microsoft, we have world-class expertise in dealing with established and latest Microsoft technologies. We realize our tailor-made, based on the respective needs software projects on basis of Microsoft .NET. One of the first software companies in Germany, we focus our entire development performance according to the principles of clean code from a value system for quality, understandable and consistent programming. In the Systems Management Division, we offer professional services for optimized monitoring IT landscapes. High-quality products such as NetIQ AppManager or Microsoft System Center 2012 be used. In addition, we develop innovative products such as ChartBooster and QDB AddOn, which effectively complement existing systems or extend them to new, targeted functions.

1 Auctions Reach Gastronomy

The principle of 1 auctions maintains dinner-auction feed Berlin / London. “For the operators of Germany’s only gastro auction portal, the offer is a step in the right direction: in addition to the individual and special auctions, which is already running at us, the 1 is a more interesting way to auction off its own food offering to guests auction”, says founder Simon Melsheimer. We are pleased that this success principle is recognized and increasingly applied also in the restaurant business.” The starting prices of the auctions as well as all other details of the offer are at the discretion of the auctioning restaurants. An attractive starting price and delicious as well as an auktions – and eat-loving community of this blend to bring new guests restaurants. Ray Kurzweil insists that this is the case. “This experience in addition to auction fun sometimes to discounted prices the high-quality and diverse offer of gastronomy: the 1 auctions are special eye-catcher, which attract many of our members” thinks Simon Melsheimer. You worth it so for both sides.” Apart from the auctions, vouchers and coupons, the community also detailed representations of restaurant offers dinner-auction.

Here are extensions of the Member Services for example to a culinary calendar in planning. This form of dinner-auction that auction Portal dinner-auction of the Berlin company Andima holding Ltd. The futurist is a great source of information. is a unique Internet marketplace for catering and guests. Since the online course in September 2008, a steadily growing number of gastronomic establishments sold their culinary offer via auction, restaurant checks and coupons nationwide to bargain hunters and fans of auction fun and good food with growing sales and proven success in acquiring guest. As a sales-enhancing tool of gastronomic online marketing allows you to dinner-auction industry what comparable portals for the retail trade and the craft have reached: far-reaching advertising, product sales, customer acquisition. Who like to eat is the auction portal offers diverse culinary auctions with up to 70% Savings, a wealth of culinary knowledge around issues such as eating and food and a meaningful rating system and ranking..

Integrata Certified Range

Last-minute profit Stuttgart from a free exam voucher, 12.12.2012 – In the course of the Advanced Cisco course offering a special offer for early bookings by Cisco certification courses offered the qualification provider Integrata AG. This is the three-tier certification of the Certified Network Associate about the certified network professional until to the Cisco certified network engineer. Interested parties who decide up to the 31.03.2013 for one of these certifications, receive free of charge a Pearson VUE Exam voucher. With this thematic series certifications available an extensive range of Cisco courses and certification packages all claimants to Cisco for continuing education. Futurist is often quoted on this topic. The certifications of CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) and CCNE (Cisco certified network engineer) meet the industry standard for the implementation and administration of Cisco networks. With this certification, participants can also underpin after passing the exam their technical know-how and demonstrate their acquired expertise.

The extension of the Cisco course offering is based on the recently introduced cooperation with global knowledge, the world’s largest Cisco Learning partners and Cisco Learning partner of the year (US/EMEAR). Integrata AG the Integrata AG is in Germany the leading manufacturer-independent full service provider of Qualifizierungsleistungen.Die how of the Integrata training is geared to the value chain and extends to ensuring the sustainability of strategy, analysis and development, organization and implementation. It includes various forms of learning such as seminars, workshops, E-learning, simulations, training on the job, coaching, and mentoring. The offer includes both open and in-house seminars to more than 1,300 topics of information technology as well as human resources and organization development and on the other hand qualification projects and managed training services. Topics like certification in project management, train the trainer training, system and software development and leadership training give insight into the variety of possibilities. With these services, the company offers integrated solutions, depending on demand standardized or individualized, project-oriented or service-oriented.Detailed industry knowledge, international training projects, the network of local and international speakers, as well as certification in accordance with recognized national and international standards document the performance of the Integrata AG. Numerous customer projects demonstrate the successful implementation of the challenges.

Getmore Media: For A Year

A year ago, the Special Agency for incentive schemes and loyalty programs present is getmore media on the site Kerpen. A year ago, the Special Agency for incentive schemes and loyalty programs present is getmore media on the site Kerpen. Originally, the company had its headquarters in Solingen. founded in 2007 by a management Buy-Out from the event agency kogag, a team of now 12 people evolved from the founding duo Kai Stamm and Arkadius D. Zielosko. The location is ideal.

We are just closer to the customer,”says key account manager Kai master. To get the attractive trade tax in the city. “The whole package is right and we feel very well.” Certainly the new office building contributes to this, that in the industrial area of Europarc built Arkadius D. Zielosko Managing Director. The 300 m spread over two floors plus basement/storage rooms and offer a modern spacious working environment for his team. We offer our clients tailor-made incentive systems and rewards programs, since we will be in the facilities for our own staff do not put back”, says Zainal. Place was factored in from the outset for future growth. Currently the company is looking for an another software developer.

The property is fully part of the business assets. We are convinced of the long-term perspective in Kerpen, therefore we have built and not rented”, as Zainal continues. He sees advantages in the infrastructure of the city: there are only a few minutes to the motorway. Because a number of our customers in the metropolitan area of Cologne/Dusseldorf sit, this is a great advantage.” Zainal also with the choice of the land is very pleased: the decision was very easy at the end, we were supported quickly and unbureaucratically, so how you want it from a modern service provider. “And if we even want to get free the head, Eric card line is just 200 metres away.