Schools and Technology

The dynamic, competitive business scenario has come from both national and international challenges, leading to changes that management should take into account to ensure a good turnout. You should take into account everything about creativity, innovation, technology, competitiveness, the latter determining their effective performance, operation L manager by identifying with the modern professional practice is to send it, can not ignore the problems, challenges , threats and opportunities that the scenarios are presented, plus, when globalization becomes dynamic, where the large economic blocs, alliances, encourage productivity, giving way to creativity, innovation, creating new administrative paradigm, which requires management professionals, our case is identified with the current knowledge society, are prepared, be trained to interpret what should be to define strategies and tactics to be used if you want to be competitive, if we are to win or stay in the markets. There are other topics that can not be neglected as: new ways to buy and pay, the development of database marketing, the rise of service industry, the advent of information society, the proliferation of new products , multiplication of distribution channels, explosion of the use of coupons, how to advertise, of course are other aspects of the market that management should evaluate whether you really want to stay in business. It should not be neglected.Administration Schools must give way to changes in curricula that empower and train managers to assess significant aspects affecting the identifying characteristics of this business, successful.