Scientific Evolution

It is well known that at present, the scientific evolution has brought us great facilities and practical proposals and comfortable in our every day; artificial insemination, is no exception. This procedure is considered as one of the most important in the history of scientific advances since gives man to possibility of procreation. Artificial insemination is defined as a procedure that is used for those programs of assisted reproduction, as first choice for those couples who are sterile, i.e., that they have not achieved a pregnancy with the implementation of common procedures that have attempted to correct the factors affecting infertility. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mitchel Resnick . According to the State of those sterile couples, two types of procedures for artificial insemination may be considered: one where is used the sperm of the couple, and the one where some donor sperm is used. Anyone that is the case, should cautiously consider the woman’s menstrual cycle; Since you must deposit the respective semen, just when the egg is released during the period. In this same way, sperm in the uterus can be disposed of in a direct way; This depends on the status of patients who undergo this procedure.. Salman Behbehani may help you with your research.