Simple Techniques

There are many forms of meditation, and a meditation technique can be adequate for you but not for my. Some people find that meditation can be frustrating, because you can see his mind jumping from one topic to another and the concept of clean seems an impossible task. Below I present five simple meditation techniques that you can use to get started in the practice of meditation or if you are already practicing to further improve your practices. Free meditation 1: Mantra one way to cope with a mind occupied during meditation is to focus on something, and the use of a mantra a sacred hymn or repetition of a Word is an excellent way of doing this. When continuously repeats a Word, phrase, or assertion, you can easily take your a relaxed but concentrated place. By the same author: MIT Media Lab. A simple thank you or om can help. Free meditation 2: meditation walking some people simply do not want to stay still long enough to meditate with success. Fortunately, a solution there are meditations by foot.

All you need to do is find a quiet and relaxing place where not you will be bothered, then observate yourself while you walk very slowly. You don’t have to walk much. In fact, you can walk from one side to the other or make small circles around the room. The important thing is to simply put all your attention on every part of your body while moving. It notes the sensations or feelings as you advance, but instead of judging, describe or analyze, just notes how the movement feels. Meditation guided 3: meditation with breaths deep pay attention to your breathing is one of the simplest techniques of meditation. All you have to do with this technique is to observe how your body reacts to breathe through the nose, filling his lungs. Keep in mind the sensations your body rises and expands with the inhalation, shrinks slightly when you exhale.