Star Head

Gourmet cuisine a reputation not best in airy heights plane food often probably rightly. Lufthansa proves however with the star Chief “-program, it is quite different.” For travelers first and business class, the airline offered famous chef’s specialities. The flight Portal presents the gourmet program. Whether Nashi PEAR with Meaux mustard honey sauce, goat cheese and Caramelized walnuts or pigeon in nut crust with dates the airline Lufthansa makes it possible. For ten years the airline boasts its passengers already star dishes. On the occasion of the anniversary, travelers were allowed to rate the dishes online. While the response was very positive.

The creations of famous chefs from upscale restaurants can find worldwide acclaim even above the clouds. So enthusiastic Club in Berlin with prawns, diced mango and wasabi to example Tam Kok Kong from China. In the anniversary months, passengers are fine confit with smoked duck breast on Lentil salad, a creation by Daniel Boulud from New York, spoiled. For such culinary delights not only the creativity of the chefs is in demand, but also a high performance in terms of logistics. Only after long planning and cooperation between the respective chef and the catering company, a court is recorded in the gourmet program. Also, Lufthansa switches offering every two months, to always satisfy the passengers with new tidbits.