Soviet Union

The problem connected specialists of various profiles, which are carefully developed technology naming. Were produced numerous books and articles, which clarifies the essence of naming, analyzed existing names cited ways to effectively ". Interestingly, the attention to the naming existed in the Soviet Union, but was not expressed by the politico-economic features. Exponential can be published article by V. Additional information at Mark Wilson supports this article. Trenin in Novy Lef "in February 1928.

It researcher examined the origin of the names of various Soviet products, pointed to many inconsistencies and cacophony, and called for a more rational "imyatvorchestvu. This is quite interesting and quite News article about the Soviet naming is available for perusal at modernity in contemporary Russia naming has become increasingly popular and in demand. If until recently no one not even think could about how to pay for the name, then today for professional naming domestic companies willing to pay a considerable amount. But if the foreign "Neymer" based on a fairly extensive experience, strong tradition Naming and a lot of literature, their Russian counterparts have more complicated. Naming as an "engine of trade" we have never had it, he decided to political grandstanding or social and cultural problems, so we had immediately transfer international experience on the Russian reality, adapting his play on the go "or immediately" reinvent the wheel ". It must be admitted that the topic of naming in Russia until the very poorly lit. The domestic market is not pampers us plenty of information about naming and gives it bit by bit.

Regional Advertising

Today, the Russian advertising market is viewed quite a serious problem with the quality and effectiveness of advertising. Most likely, this is due to the large annual recruitment market with new advertising agencies, employees are not enough qualified and have substantial experience in the advertising industry. Thanks to these firms Russian advertising has significant losses during the time of development, the accumulation of positive experiences and increasing the budget of the advertising market. During the existence of the Internet in Russia was not created by any Internet resource that would allow us to collect and systematize the common experience of marketing and advertising agencies. Just the opposite, none of the representatives did not wish to share the negative experience of the advertising firm, he represents a positive nuances carefully hidden. This is understandable because this is a corporate secret, but if you delve into this issue and drew on past decisions, we can avoid future mistakes that are usually accompanied by huge losses.

If the Russian market players pull advertising major cities, with regional advertising, things got much worse. Here, every now and advertising production companies that create tangible promotional product, rather than information management. Ie regional agencies offer already finished goods or service as a shield or ads in newspapers, advertising text and design of the customer or as a free (for low wages), an application to purchase advertising space. Advertising campaigns are not computed, and the market is not analyzed. Hence, a huge budget, attracted to the advertising and low efficiency. Tver Region is one of the closest regions to Moscow, but by no means the most successful. Advertise it has developed long and not very significant.

He has a sufficient number of television channels, newspapers, billboards of outdoor advertising and other things. But the economic situation in the region still falls short of its goals. The fact that many entrepreneurs Tver, Tver Oblast and the city Kimry in particular pinning great hopes on advertising in the beginning (and in the process) of their business, but do not get the desired result from a particular agency are disillusioned with advertising and looking for other methods, wasting time and money. Of course, it is clear that in itself is not advertising can be an "improvers" of business, and its success depends on many other of its sides. But in the Tver region is a little who are interested in, and not all know about it. To be continued

Advertising Opportunities

Many companies now have a panic. As the potential market for goods and services, management of companies trying to cut costs. And this is the right move! In order to successfully survive the complex economic times to cut funding for any program. In particular those that are not linked directly to production and sales. Why not reduce the cost of production, and marketing products? It's very simple! This is the fundamental mechanisms of functioning of any business. If you stop producing products or perform services, the company simply will not have the external resources for profit. Once the finance company will be depleted, it will be forced to sell their property.

What next? Obviously no good! On the other hand can reduce the cost of sales related to advertising and marketing activities. Why? During the difficult economic situation, the fight for customers is becoming stronger. Magnified the competition! In such a situation by no means impossible to reduce the extent of marketing activities and reduce them. Another thing that should reevaluate some of the marketing plans. Perhaps if you had not previously used by marketing services from outside, it is worth thinking about them.

It may be necessary transfer management of the advertising company to another firm. Requires an extremely effective marketing! Only in this way and not otherwise possible to continue the development, when all around were losing money! Properly thought-out marketing strategy can increase sales by 70 percent or more! In fact, the crisis should be seen as an opportunity. The crisis brings not only a danger. It opens up new markets. Company management will have to seek new ways to increase sales. Of course, most people panic and start to systematically look for opportunities Such a huge number of opportunities in marketing, using them, you can greatly increase sales of products or services. During the crisis is to analyze all past marketing strategy. Perhaps we should make a re-branding and corporate identity change. In addition more attention should be draw on the naming and slogans used by the company. Right now you have the opportunity to change things radically. Today, when so required, you can get new opportunities to increase sales. Such opportunities can be searched independently, using its service marketing. But as practice shows much better instruct how to search for new marketing opportunities for professionals who work exclusively in the field of marketing. These professionals have devoted themselves to marketing and understand its nuances. They will be able to "fresh" eyes to look at marketing your company. Come up with great marketing texts that will be work for you. It is only necessary to find such experts.