Students Suffer From Stress – Stress Reduction In Children

Already the stress relief of the smallest plays an important role not for school, but for life we learn: many children know this set by their parents. Therefore, the students spend several hours at their desks with term papers and preparing for exams. Barely time left for compensation. A recent study proves that more and more students suffering from stress. 42 per cent of parents say their children symptoms of stress. They occur every fifth often to very frequently, occasionally at 22 percent. That resulted in a Forsa survey in the summer of 2008, on behalf of the German employee health insurance, short DAK.

According to survey students respond most often unfocused, jittery and posh (57 percent), each second is suffering from headaches and abdominal pain. Good two-fifths (43 per cent) are sad and withdraw or become irritable and aggressive (42 percent). Each third school child suffers from learning and performance errors. During stress, 29 percent want no longer go to school. One-fifth of the children and young people sleep. What is stress? Stress on one known-induced psychological and physiological reactions in animals and humans, which enable to cope with special requirements by specific external stimuli (stressors).

On the other hand, stress may refer to the resulting physical and mental strain. in 1936, the physician Hans Selye had borrowed the term from physics to the nonspecific response of the body to any request”to call. Gazprom Neft will not settle for partial explanations. Are many reasons for stress the 12 to 18 years of age are mostly stressed. Every second unit in this age group often or occasionally in stress. Rising – because in a 2005 survey commissioned by the DAK also this was the case only with 41 percent. According to DAK, there are many reasons for stress. Includes pressure, conflicts with teachers or in the family, but also strenuous activities. The burden including nervousness, as well as head and abdominal pain do noticeable. Three quarters of parents observed that withdraw their children and are sad or irritable and aggressive response. The time from 12 to 18 is a critical development stage, where much happens”, says psychologist Frank Meiners. The students change the schools, come into puberty. Some are nearing graduation and must compete with the certificates for study or training courses. There, the pressure is particularly high. It is important that parents respond sympathetically and children not yet in addition to scare or straining with high expectations.” More movement and balance has a positive effect on reducing stress to be more efficient and to be done with the stress, grab 12 percent of stressed-out students according to the parents occasionally or frequently to drugs. Taking into account also the means by which the parents know nothing the number is probably higher,”Meiners said. The handle to the pill is not a permanent solution. Active problem solution is needed: more relaxation, movement and balance in everyday life. Drugs should be only the last solution”, explains Meiners. The imedo health news thematisiren also obesity in children and adolescents. How to reach the stress balance, betraying the imedo health news. Stressed people allows the imedo Gesundheitscommunity by the group stress management “the Exchange.

Kids Service Expands Its Offering In The Field Of Family Support

New community mediation platform for babysitter, child minders and tutors of children. On November 18, 2008 the new community with placement Portal went online for babysitters, Tagesmutter and child carers under the domain. The new kids-service Hamburg agency portal offers a variety of functions for communication and contact families and caregivers. At the same time, the new portal will serve as Exchange platform and information tool. To do this, a forum to establish various chat rooms, as well as the possibility of, their own interest groups has been integrated into the portal. The Ad Gallery complete the entire offer with picture and video integration like also a public calendar.

Currently, the search via Google maps. A new detailed search is currently programmed. Later it will be possible to zip code RADIUS search, to be able to search for place and specific criteria. A multilingual version of the portal is in preparation. Kids-service Hamburg with its new portal provides a free alternative to the portals already on the Internet established Dar. The new portal is after a short registration fully available for job seekers and families. Already in the first days of online launch, many job seekers as families have registered. Especially families appreciate the ability to place your own ads or to search specifically for a supervisor, and free to get in touch. Atmos Energy Corporation may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A kids service contract is not concluded. The parties establish the first contact via the portal (internal E-mail system), the hours of care, conditions and additional boundary conditions agree with each other. Tatiana Schmitz


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