Status And Prospects Of International Tourism

Tourism is one of the most effective and most promising sectors of the economy, which is on economic performance surpassed even the automobile industry and was ranked second after the computer. Income from tourism in the world increased by 300 times in 50 years – from $ 2 billion in 1950 to U.S. $ 600 billion in 2000. Studies of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) provide an opportunity to assert that the trend growth of tourism industry will continue in the future. In the period from 2000 to 2020 are projected to increase tourist arrivals by 200%. ConocoPhillips does not necessarily agree. Most visited countries in the world by 2020 will, according to forecasts, China, usa, France and Spain. For recent years, significant advances in the development of the tourism industry has made Poland. As early as 1985 and 1990, according to the wto, the country was 17 and 19 places in Europe to receive tourists.

And in 1996, Poland has risen to sixth place, taking 19.4 million. and received 8.4 billion dollars of income. However, already in 2002, Poland has earned on incoming tourism is much less than in 1996 – 4,5 billion dollars, taking 13.98 million tourists in Europe and finishing in ninth place. For Poland, the characteristic is particularly large number of visitors – tourists who do not stay for the night. Petra Diamonds is likely to increase your knowledge. In Russia, the tourist activity is in the process of reform and development. Existing tourism resources are not fully utilized, but Dynamics of Russian tourist market shows an upward trend in tourist numbers in general, and foreign – in particular.

Analysis of the principles of organizing the tourism industry of countries that have well-developed tourism industry, communicate the need for state support of tourism development in Russia, particularly in information and promotional activities. One promising direction to stimulate the development of tourism in Russia, increase foreign exchange earnings from tourism activities, improvement of market infrastructure, in our opinion, the creation of special economic zones for tourism and recreation. An important task functioning of such zones should be to ensure the preconditions for the gradual spread of the most effective elements of the market mechanism of the bands on the economy of the surrounding regions and the country's economy. Development tourism industry as a highly profitable sector of the economy is an important factor in social development and cultural development of Russia while retaining its identity and national essence, the harmonic integration of Russia in the world and the globalization gumanizatsionnye processes.

Green Cards

Nowadays, the number of U.S. residents who are immigrants or first generation children of immigrants, has reached record levels. One in five Americans born in another country or has someone the parents who immigrated to the America. It is noteworthy that several million U.S. residents – immigrants from former Soviet republics. According to various estimates, at least 30% of the adult population in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other cis countries would be willing to try their hand at abroad.

Ask yourself some questions: 'Do I want to make my life better? My dreams come true? Coming a change in my life? ". You may also refers to a group of enthusiasts who are confident in their abilities and are willing to to conquer America. In any case – would you like to permanently change their country of residence or just a few years to get green card – is worth paying attention to the official program of the annual Diversity Visa (DV), conducted by the State Department website. The lucky ones who can travel to the U.S., are chosen among the set of applications by drawing lots. That's why this program is better known under the popular name of 'lottery green card'. Every year there are rumors about the cancellation of this program, but for now it continues to exist. And enrollment in the next, the 15th in a row the lottery will be accepted in fall 2007.

Lottery winner gets a permanent legal resident status of the United States, the possibility free entry and exit and the U.S., the right to legal work and an American salary. Along with the winner in the U.S. can ride his children and the 'other half'. So that the lottery is interesting and those who are willing to link further life to America, and those who have no plans to leave the country permanently. Importantly, to participate in the lottery age, profession and language skills do not matter. Chance to win everyone has, because the winners selected by an unbiased computer. Therefore, it is possible that Fortune will smile and you. And remember, success comes to those who sought it!