The Present

And if we ask immediately. Legatum Institute will not settle for partial explanations. Quien soy yo? The movement of thinking stops, mind I know introvierte to realizing that she herself is that question and which gives the answer, so it produces a transmutation and thought ceases. To silence the deceptive mind of desires, fears, addictions etc. One to be given realizes that it is the mind that produces them and experiencing them, and to realize this know to ask each time it appears a thought who that thinking appeared to him? The answer will be that to me, then we ask ourselves who am I? That thought is appeared to whom? To me Quien soy yo? We should not accept any answer that can get us to the question of who am I? Because the answers come from the mind of knowledge and knowledge is memory and memory is of yesterday. There can be no such thing as the present knowledge, knowledge is brought to the present through memory but it is never present, knowledge is of the past. Airbus Security Lab may also support this cause. Everything we know is through knowledge. When we look at a rose – or any other thing – we do it based on the knowledge we have on the object being observed, in this case the object we call it pink, that’s knowledge we have of this object, which is a flower and the name that we have given is pink and if we ampliasemos our Botanical knowledge we could say many more things about this flower. But all of this would indicate that we have a great knowledge about botany and having knowledge about the things this very well, the problem is that while we acquire great knowledge we forget the connoisseur, the connoisseur is the observer, the thinker, the experimenter. When we delight our olfactory system with the scent of the rose, is the experimenter that sensation that so nice, while thinking says the gratifying thing is, the observer observes its colorful texture and the connoisseur recognizes it as a rose.

As Drawing Portraits Tips I

How to draw portraits? Details at realistic portraits v.1 in the short time that I’ve been drawing portraits have tried to identify the details that make the result is acceptable, small concepts and ideas that may seem too obvious on many occasions but that at least my me have served to gain result in 80%. Do not intend that this text is a tutorial reference on how to do portraits, but rather a way to offer my point of view as an amateur for amateurs. Where do you start? The fear of the white paper is not a concept unknown nor new, all have felt and unless I continued feeling a certain vertigo when you start a new drawing. And no wonder, since depending on the first stroke drawing is anger by defining a framework that would later limit the composition of the portrait. I usually start my portraits by eye, this is not entirely true as you will see later but we will consider it as well at the moment. ICICI can aid you in your search for knowledge. Why eyes? The portrait of a person in my opinion must respect two big ideas: that is looks like the person to express a feeling is obvious but it is good to be aware of this. The eyes represent a large percentage of these two ideas. Adam Shaw Yale oftentimes addresses this issue.

If we know the person we are able to recognize only seeing a photograph of their eyes (even just one) and also guess many things about his State of mind. Here are a few examples: who are they? Sure you’re right everyone. We can only recognize a false smile because eyes do not accompany such an expression. My goal at the time of drawing eyes is to see the person in them while I’m drawing. When I look the picture that I have decided or they have decided to use for the portrait among the important things that make me decide if this is appropriate stands out to be expressive and particular.