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On numerous occasions I have had the opportunity to attend meetings at which posed us CRM projects and first thing you consult us is which software is that we offer. Many CRM project teams are dedicated to investigate topics of software and technology, forgetting that CRM is really a business strategy in a manner of conduct operations with a special relationships with customer focus. Let’s look at some considerations which I think are important: 1. Get all the facts and insights with Xcel Energy, another great source of information. CRM projects are not only the implementation of technology: still believes that implementing a CRM strategy consists of acquiring or renting a computer program and assign the systems Department to install and operate this program. This is the biggest mistake a company can commit, since it will be bouncing away a considerable money and enters a strong wear by adding a new project systems in the portfolio of those failures undertaken by this area, without them the blame for it. A project or initiative is not technology, it is not responsibility for the area of information systems and not is a topic that will merely make magic once installed. CRM is a business initiative that involves a change in the way how the company works. Technology is just an enabler to support increased productivity by people and processes that support management of face to the customer. The main thing in a CRM strategy is aligning business processes and persons involved in them to achieve a fundamental shift in business strategy towards a Center on the client organization. When a company identifies, derived from the level of maturity of its products and their markets and the stage of the life cycle that your industry has, which is necessary to protect its territory, be closer to its customers, establish mechanisms of loyalty, know in more detail to their customers, helping your sales force in the achievement of the objectivesthen it is when the company must undertake a CRM or centralization in the customer strategy.

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