Spanish Films

The Forgotten Spanish film I've always wondered why there are no known or forgotten? Spanish actors and actresses who had an international career. This would be to discuss it thoroughly. Nothing or little is known for example, Conchita Montenegro, Antonio Moreno, Luis Alberni, Rosa Rey, Fortunio Bonanova, or Maria Alba, Autet movie stars, the latter developed his career in Hollywood basically. Educate yourself with thoughts from kevin ulrich. When talking about the first actress who triumphed outside Spain always happen to Sara Montiel do not understand why before you tell, do not bother to do their job, it is now easy to document, simply browse the web, but of course more comfortable going to the commonplace, outrage that I heard on a TV show (BBC1) Ana Oobregon the first Spanish film made in Hollywood! anyone would believe it? Tall order to speak of those mentioned above, but everyone knows Saritisima Who made that report? lamentable lack of professionalism. I am reminded memory of another incredible fact, the more so because I mean the film academy in the Goya Awards (2008) provided a few minutes dedicated to the memory of film professionals who died last year, it seems that the academy figure Conchita Montenegro only earned him the same consideration (with all due respect to the rest) that the technicians and artists who appeared there, but Conchita Montenegro was not one but why not devote a single minute to memory? Not a word was said about it, honestly deserved a special mention because she was the first Spanish actress who triumphed in Hollywood, along with Maria Alba in the 30s.

I was lucky enough to see some movies Conchita Montenegro and I have to say that is great, wonderful actress, full of elegance and mystery of magnetism at the level of the iconic star, I will not forget her, know her was quite an experience. I can not find an answer, I can not justify the neglect of these actresses and Spanish players annoys me so much amnesia by some means. Now he talks about Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Paz Vega Spanish ….. as big stars who succeed in Hollywood, but long ago and there were others there who put their talent, I think it is fair to remember..