Nuclear Power Plants

Loans must be stopped so as not to create more new Nuclear Power Plants, Coal or Gas, even when it is alleged the availability and abundance of fuel and the safety of their processes. You have to force the electric capacity growth towards small distributed generation equipment, cheap, easy to manufacture, and simple technology. Electricity input technology .- First we'll focus on power generation plants based on plants that produce the steam required to move the generators. Here we refer exclusively to huge plants whose energy sources are coal, gas, oil and nuclear, and that pollute or produce global warming gases. To counter their growth and multiplication is to develop and promote "home electric generator" based on solar heat. This technology is easy and simple, and consists of four components as follows: A collector plate of sun, a Stirling engine, an electric generator from 2.5 to 3.0 KWA, and a bank of electric storage batteries for up to several days' consumption.

This team also can add an installation for a gas heater as a backup for cloudy days. A solar equipment of this nature could be between 3-6000 dollars, does not require connection to an electrical outlet, and can be placed anywhere there is sun, both urban and rural areas. The deployment of thousands and possibly millions of home computers, they could halt the increases in capacity of existing power plants, to the extent that the population of home systems beyond the capacity of existing plants. Closing power plants also releases the land through which pass the electrical transmission cables.