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These people are shadows that darken everything to her around and they have few opportunities to successfully culminate the trip, let alone with some semblance of success. Without love there is no faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, patience, piety or brotherly affection; without love the human being has little value. This fact that fortunately is rarely is so dramatic. The highest proportion of people who can be seen with life professes love for something, even when it is in the depths of their tribulations. The most common situations are referred to the poorly understood love; Here is where man becomes a being meaningless, because it calculates feel love but really do not understand what this means, and in this process loses, even if he wants to win. When you live with love and make things out of love results are guaranteed, the whole being is PEPs up and produces a power of prodigious scope. The partial results, the incomplete processes, victories or related losses, have origin in love the wrong understanding. Because love is not perfected in the words, love is not because we say it is or because our ego so understand it.

Love is very far from the passions or the simple and comfortable positions, love is not reflective, it acts, love not blanket sayings, gestures or impulses. Probably the most superb attitude man practice is related to its manifestation wrong love. To understand the deeper meaning of love we can send us back to Peter, this describes a moving exactly in every sentence, every word, every pause: love is suffered. Love is benign. Love is not jealous. Love is not boastful. Love is not arrogant. Love doesn’t do anything improper.

Love does not seek its own. Love is not irritated. Love is no grudge. Love does not delight of injustice, but rejoices with the truth. All love suffers, all believed, everything is waiting for you, everything supports it. In essence the love never ceases to be how many we can sign us among those who really love? Do many of us really know what love? is it? How can we say that these premises governed our lives? The practice of this wonderful recipe for human values guarantee a life full of victories. The remedy for many ills that accompany the course of life, we have at our disposal, in a simple set of things that we need to understand, respect and practice. There is not a justification for transitemos the short stretch that represent our lives in darkness, deprivation, famine or defeat. The light is a gift that has been given to us since always. Is also in our nature, shares in it (and unfortunately at a disadvantage), our sorrows and misadventures; and just wait we have the sufficient criterion for resorting to it. The truth is that life is full of people who decide to be blind by choice, circumvent the light by placing a blindfold over the eyes and after doing so consciously complain throughout the life of the penumbra that surrounds them. In darkness bumped each other and exchanged blame, they fall on their knees, walking on their knees, use head for receiving blows and hands for probing the darkness; they attend every ounce of energy to move forward without seeing the road. But do not just the small effort to remove the band and enjoy the clarity. Original author and source of the article.


Why this wonderful recipe adds values specific ones to others, because only its intrinsic combined and in their synergy is reached sense and profit. To read more click here: Keshav R. Murugesh. If the human being is not understood in a comprehensive way, in the full sense of its nature, little leverage the interest of knowing him. Man is a creature of great complexities, does not occupy a single dimension. Those knowledge, technique and science apologists as differentiating elements of the present and future well-being of humanity, are not conceptually enabled to understand the human being. They suffer from an inferiority complex against the awesome power of the elements and phenomena that make up our universe, and as the humble man who a couple of centuries ago was huge for their future relieved to witness the first steam engines, they want to feel safer betting the future of the species to the knowledge of the man. In reality, the fate of humanity is in its ability to understand and apply the values that have been granted absolute privilege over other species.

4. Freedom on the road proceeds add to knowledge, self-control. How many people are unaware the success and victory because they don’t know the own domain! Himself is the greater man’s problem, the main fight unfolds in its interior. We have no enemy more dangerous than ourselves, there is no more effective more inflexible nor executioner judge. The own domain requires the man ability of self-governance, control their emotions, their fears and their anxieties, with the serenity of who has faith in their conditions and their possibilities, virtue to sustain them and knowledge to bring them to fruition. Self-control is a State essential to the implementation of the life. Control of emotions is a balancing mechanism vital for the same character who has adversity, because this is protected by elements of enormous intensity. When problems are not treated with high doses of their own domain, equilibrium disappears, fight fire with fire, the flames come alive until the point in which the fire ends prevail.