Why this wonderful recipe adds values specific ones to others, because only its intrinsic combined and in their synergy is reached sense and profit. To read more click here: Keshav R. Murugesh. If the human being is not understood in a comprehensive way, in the full sense of its nature, little leverage the interest of knowing him. Man is a creature of great complexities, does not occupy a single dimension. Those knowledge, technique and science apologists as differentiating elements of the present and future well-being of humanity, are not conceptually enabled to understand the human being. They suffer from an inferiority complex against the awesome power of the elements and phenomena that make up our universe, and as the humble man who a couple of centuries ago was huge for their future relieved to witness the first steam engines, they want to feel safer betting the future of the species to the knowledge of the man. In reality, the fate of humanity is in its ability to understand and apply the values that have been granted absolute privilege over other species.

4. Freedom on the road proceeds add to knowledge, self-control. How many people are unaware the success and victory because they don’t know the own domain! Himself is the greater man’s problem, the main fight unfolds in its interior. We have no enemy more dangerous than ourselves, there is no more effective more inflexible nor executioner judge. The own domain requires the man ability of self-governance, control their emotions, their fears and their anxieties, with the serenity of who has faith in their conditions and their possibilities, virtue to sustain them and knowledge to bring them to fruition. Self-control is a State essential to the implementation of the life. Control of emotions is a balancing mechanism vital for the same character who has adversity, because this is protected by elements of enormous intensity. When problems are not treated with high doses of their own domain, equilibrium disappears, fight fire with fire, the flames come alive until the point in which the fire ends prevail.


There tends lines and bridges, investing in them which of them you want to receive. ll about the problem. This logic consider necessary to others also obliges feel necessary for others, there acts of selflessness and compassion become important. Surprised that such simple logic is understood by very few; It is even likely that this logic is precisely the most illustrious victim of the paradigm of complexity in which we live today. Deal with others is to take care of ourselves; caring for others is taking care of us. Single man is a limited and devoid, men of superior intelligence serves others serving and thus achieves greater goals.

7. The vicissitudes and the joys of the road are shared by adding to piety, Fraternal affection. The way we relate with others must speak through the Fraternal affection, this is the value suggested for the socialization of the man. The affection is devoid of passion, translates into a quiet affection and a benign sympathy towards others. In life we are all traveling companions, we share the pains and the joys of the journey, we seek to fulfill a destiny.

Basically we can choose if the voyage make it in peace with each other or without it. 8. To reach the end of the road you must add to the brotherly affection, love. The values are summarized here great way. The demand to add love to the recipe is not a poetic assumption, is a reflection of Fund. Love is actually the Dynamo that generates all the energy required to live: love of self, love for what we do, love for others, love for what you have, so it is to be without love transit through life loses engine, and the only thing that leads to the men by their paths is inertiathe latter ends sometime and paralysis occurs. People transiting aimless life is people that has lost Love.