Custard Cream Protein

The best among my favorite treats as a child were interleaved with air ducts cream of egg whites. As well as a variety of baskets and cakes, but I have eaten much less frequently, which used the cream of the proteins. At an early age I knew how to cook delicious dishes in various recipes. Of course, the same among the delicacies that I was doing was a lot of cakes. And I quickly learned how to whip egg whites. Naturally, at first I was glad that prepared a cream made from egg whites. Done wafers, from their freshly prepared cream …. And what was my disappointment when after several hours of a beautiful, airy and sweet cream is completely melted.

Wet waffles What spoiled them, and spoiled myself. At the same time, my mother always said that there are raw eggs dangerous. And I was very impressed, zechem same in the cafeteria is put into cakes protein cream. But nevertheless, I began to experiment a lot with the cream of the proteins. I tried the longer whip whites to the cream, then cream mixed with sugar. I tried to use instead of sugar, which has long been dissolved, powdered sugar. But protein cream quickly settled.

While were present in my experiments and the positive side, I learned to make biscuits meringue. My next step was to attempt to add the cream in the protein gelatin. Of course, I had some success. I began to take a cap on cakes, which they adorned. But this cap was simply unrealistic to cut. She was all clinging to the knife. And the whole protein cream was filmed for a knife. And the risks of raw eggs remained. Yes, and the desired taste and consistency I have not received. As time went on. Parents went with us to a new city. One school gave way to the next. Complicating the training program. Then University. Naturally, I continued to cook different dishes and delicacies. At the same time, my cooking skills to me needed in the hostel. But the idea of whipping the cream of the proteins, as in cakes, I eventually walked away. One day, I wondered to make a simple cream to bind meringue. And asked the girl friend, which was previously worked for some time as a chef and pastry chef, does not know whether it is a prescription cream for coupling the meringue. On what she said, knows the recipe, but the custard of the proteins. As I was surprised that the very cream, which I so much wanted to done, is done by special technology. The cream for the merengue, I certainly found it, but it was too late. And the essence of technology cream of egg whites was very simple. Necessary to prepare a sugar syrup. To make syrup was obtained ball. Beat the egg whites. And enter the boiling syrup into whites. Thus brew cream of egg whites. On technology turns heat treatment of egg whites and kill all harmful bacteria. A cooked cream, do not just need used in the design of cakes and pastries. He is also well kept, up to 36 hours. Now, when I know how to mix the cream of the proteins, the time came to buy forms for preparing puff tubes. And nazharit my favorite rolls with custard protein cream.