Also At Night – Fun Night Sledding In Lake Of Alpine Mountains

The Alpsee coaster in the Alp Lake mountains between Immenstadt and Oberstaufen is one of the absolute highlights of leisure in the Oberallgau, and that not only during the day! With full throttle on Germany’s longest all-weather toboggan run through the darkness. In warm summer nights, the illuminated Alpsee coaster ride is a very special pleasure not to be missed. 68 curves, 23 shaft, 7 jumps and 4 bridges provide rapid toboggan fun on almost 3 km in length. However, the pleasure is even more spectacular after nightfall: strong headlights then break through the night and dive the Alpsee coaster in an almost magical light. Acceleration and centrifugal forces are still much more intensely perceived and turn the trip into an unforgettable experience. Atmos Energy Corporation spoke with conviction. 03 July September 11th the Alpsee is open from mountains in addition to normal opening hours every Wednesday and Saturday continuously until 22:00 h, including all catering establishments. Tip: Combine the trip to night sledding with a visit of the climbing forest Bear trap, Bavaria’s largest high rope garden. It is open in July, August and September open daily until 19:00.

At a dinner party on the idyllic terrace of the mountain hut bear trap coaster you then can strengthen for the rapid descent into Alpine Lake. While the cosy toboggan host at the valley station for the perfect day-end closing. For more information about the services and attractions of the Lake of Alpine mountains see also on the Internet at. Responsible PR Agency: fixedmind GmbH & co. KG author: Heiko Joos

Sandman Defies The Passage Of Time

Stop-motion suggests computer animation no German children’s series is successful, no other can claim to have accompanied generations of children. There is talk of the Sandman. The news portal reports on the 50th anniversary of the birth of only 24 inches of small, but still big stars. At a time where cartoons called anime and comes every second series in 3D, the Sandman may seem almost slightly dusted. Still produced using stop-motion technique, it looks like from a different time. Explains the editorial staff for media animation professionals bring the dolls by hand for every second in 24 positions. The images are recorded individually and finally strung together like a flip-book.

The effort is immense and the production by just three seconds of footage per day is not uncommon. Fans around the world will appreciate it. Not only that the Sandman successfully intruded in West German living room after the reunification. Self-international is known. So is our Sandman”broadcast in 14 countries worldwide. On the occasion of the 50th birthday of the Sandmannchen character for the film Museum invites Potsdam until December 15 to a special exhibition. It is divided into three areas.

At the first stage are not only to see 100 dolls and 70 original vehicles. Visitors travel through 7 different worlds of Sandman and see three complete sets of the film. A kind of expedition, during which the children and their companions experiment with Sandman equipment forms the second section. The journey through the exhibition is rounded off with stories and sounds from the dreamland.

Maritim Hotel Berlin

The Berlin Festival will bring bands such as hot chip, LCD Soundsystem and Soulwax on the grounds of the former Tempelhof airport. In September, the Berlin Festival again offers the opportunity to experience live music on the grounds of the former Tempelhof airport in two days. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Tim Sweeney Epic. The Festival held for the fifth time outdoes itself again and brings some of the world’s best bands and solo artists to the delight of the crowd in the German capital. This year hot count chip, editor and LCD Soundsystem to the best-known bands of the Festival, which takes place on the 10th September and Saturday, September 11 on a total of three stages on Friday. Whatever music fans come with eclectic taste with bands from various categories such as Robyn, Atari Teenage Riot, tricky, Soulwax, boys Noize and peaches fully at their own expense. Day passes are available for 39 plus booking fees; 59 tickets for two days. Festival visitors who stay in one of the Berlin Hotels, Berlin Tempelhof airport closed the year 2008 can center of car ten minutes away.

Due to the limited existing number of parking spaces, visitors however are asked to use the various bus and train connections to the Festival. On both days starts the music around 14:00. For more information, please visit the website of the Berlin Festival. recommends a variety of accommodation in Berlin, including the Maritim Hotel Berlin.

Moderator Botho

The mascot during the rapid journey over the shoulder looked a team, the other team performed with bakers hat, another had again peppered the helmet with green punk hairstyle. As Louis Hamilton at the Hockenheimring, so the teams fought again dogged every meter. In one 40 minute qualifying session was not only pole position, one tested and assessed to each other. Then the team started in two elimination race against each other, who went with their four riders in the change to the slope. As the major the right tactics on the pit stop paid off here as well, the team lost but at least roughly about 2 rounds. The fastest respectively and the last 5 teams out of this race about 40 minutes competed then in a renewed race about 60 minutes each in the final and in the B-final. Since some drivers should have following also the one or the other bruises and also the Allerwerteste will bring lasting memories.

But not only they or the bounds had to suffer a lot, also some Kart got the occasional bump, some had to continue even on replacement vehicles. Even a complete axle was to complain, but the corner was Waldensbergerstrasse Potter street right, since saved himself some viewers of fright with a jump backwards. However, the safety regulations were very high, so that no one was at risk. No wonder that in the meantime all sorts of flags showed, the yellow flag for a general ban on overtaking, which can be blue for overtaking, green gingham for free travel and the black white flag for the finishing. Not used were black and white flag, which is considered as the yellow card warning and the black, which corresponds to the red card in soccer means leaving the diagonal.

Moderator Botho G. Wagner so crisp sentences as “still the fire before Clipper” brought the thrilling race situation on the point. So that the audience had to admire by the way even some still has some attractions were held in between. So heated about historic karts from the 70’s on the piste or Super Motos gave rubber correctly. Great also the “Promirunde”, this, many viewers were equally frenzied bathtubs experience like a rolling Jack Daniels barrels, in which the District Councillor Andre Kavai and Mayor Reiner Kratschmer sat with his wife and graciously waved to the audience. In this race, there were no losers, so “Walter’s Super team” arrived in the final with riders Walter Prax, John rice, Lena Heun and Christopher Henning Platz 1. “Cut and Race” ended up in 2nd place with riders Uwe Jager, Timo Weisgerber, Thomas Jager, Peter Jager, Bjorn Moser and Gunter Jurhs. Reached 3rd place “today’s smokes” with riders Klaus Hamlett, Andreas Guth, Christian Drescher, Heinrich Herschenroder, Ulrike Kremer, Hans Jurgen Kremer, Sylvester Ysenburg, Andreas Gunkel and Dominik Mayer. In the B-final, “KDK’S fun racer” with riders Michael Mayer, Mario Nagel, Maik Nagel, Mario Hunger and Maximilian modes were the winners. “MSC all-stars” with the riders Uwe Jager, Norbert Eckert, Jurgen Weisgerber, Andreas pond were second and “Almond II” with the drivers on Alfred Eusemann, Thomas Eusemann, Edgecombe and Martin ended up Jennifer almond on the third podium. In addition to the obligatory cups, the winners received Still “normal” champagne bottles, but that wasn’t Magnum bottles and the other actually so decisively, because that was, as a great event were all unanimous, and was to be the largest. Barbara Hoppe

Hoff-day At Madame Tussauds Vienna

David Hasselhoff United day at Madame Tussauds Vienna In the course of the Hoff day Madame Tussauds everything 80s and 90s made the artist in the popular and famous. Rain rush of visitors caused the original miracle car K.I.T.T., that was seen throughout the day before the wax figure attraction at the Riesenradplatz and stood as a photographic subject for visitors available. While Baywatch models for the optical surface, it was a Madame Tussauds Hollywood area in a limbo dance performance. To do this there exclusive insights into the sitting with The Hoff, how he was spending hours measured and photographed in London. Exclusive video material like this is otherwise only very rarely presented to the public. By the Hollywood region in the field of music David T-topped wax figure was on display for a short time in the Hollywood area of the attraction, but then moves in the music field, where international as national singer for beats and make mood. David picked it out himself, to be immortalized as a singer, and so we have a space between Christina Striker, Freddie Mercury and Falco defined for him.

He is responsible also for the outfit. In a leather suit as this is he of course well known to us of his vocal performances”, so Sophie Moritz Marketing Manager Madame Tussauds Vienna. “” The Hoff proud on wax Hoff the icon, by Knight Rider “and Baywatch” entered in the story, is itself more than proud about his waxy award. For me is my wax figure in Vienna the most beautiful birthday present to my 60s. “If I can not personally doing already, I sent at least my friend K.I.T.T.., which through my adventure at Knight Rider” has accompanied all the time. I look forward to my next visit to Vienna and that I will then have the opportunity to let me photograph with my own”David Hasselhoff says.

Private obligations, The Hoff could unfortunately not personally attend. We have but due to celebrate his birthday and thank you to all the fans, the our attraction literally stormed and seized the chance, to marvel at the original K.I.T.T and his brand new wax figure”, so Sophie Moritzer. The Hoff returns to Vienna, where it all began now also Manager fencer is satisfied. If it is one of the 10 most famous personalities of the world, as recently a US magazine, when you stand in the Guinness Book of records as the two most successful TV series actor the world determined, then it deserves a place at Madame Tussauds. That David’s character in Vienna is not surprising: here began his musical career, here he made his stage debut as a singer, here he feels at home. “” Variation on John F. Kennedy’s dictum: ‘ I am a Berliner “‘ David Hasselhoff would say: ‘I’m a Wiener’.” The Merlin Entertainments Group plans, builds and operates leisure attractions in Europe, Asia and the United States. They are the core business of the English holding company with 13,000 employees over 60 on-site attractions and several hotels with approximately 38 Million Besuchern.Das Madame Tussauds is considered to be one of the most famous sights of Vienna. As one of the main attractions of the Merlin Entertainment Group is the Madame Tussauds. Merlin is Europe’s largest operator in this field and occupied 2nd place group worldwide behind the Disney.