Carpet Machine

The main task facing manufacturers of carpet, is to create a cover that best combines design, functionality and performance characteristics needed to create comfort, warmth and beauty, harmony with the environment and the internal atmosphere of the home or office. Types of Carpets By way of carpet production is divided into three main types: woven, tufted (sewn pile yarns woven base) and needle-punched carpet (tufted yarn needles are driven into the primary basis). Tufted (tufted) Carpet Machine, which Cobble designed, works on the principle similar to the principle of the sewing machine, but differs from it by the number of needles located very close to each other. Each needle quilt thread through a primary basis. Please visit Mitchel Resnick if you seek more information. C seamy side of the thread is caught by a hook, which makes a loop, forming the so-called loopy pile. The hook can be equipped with cutting blade, which cuts through the loop as soon as it is formed, so manner, making sheared pile. Then the yarn, as mentioned above, is secured with latex, and then can be applied to a secondary basis. Pile weight depends on the distance between the needles (class machines), the number of stitches per unit area (the density of the carpet), pile height and type of the thread. The popularity of technology "tufting" is due to a variety of designs of carpet obtained using this technology. Thanks to the use of different patterns, moving lattice with needles, the possibility of changing the height of the pile, etc., variations of carpeting today are endless.

New Fixtures Nets

In the manufacture of mosquito nets, a weakness has always been imperfect fixing, namely, plastic hooks, the hooks that held mosquito nets. And the main disadvantage of fixing nets defeated. Plunger attachment, a 100% guarantee that the mosquito nets will never fall out of the window. Plastic hooks that keep mosquito nets, under the influence of time and the sun, usually after 2-3 years are losing their strength cause that mosquito nets dropped out of the window. At best, it leads to new spending on the acquisition of another mosquito net.

Trying to come to replace them metal holders are set to technology, with the apartment side than hinder the window-seal. And because the holders are manufactured from metal yellow, then in addition, it does not improve the aesthetic appearance of the window. Appeared in the current displacement fixing nets represent nikelerovanye spring pins with a beautifully executed carved cap, which are mounted directly to the vertical frame part of mosquito nets in 2 pieces on each side. Such a fastening system for reliably plastic fasteners and aesthetically beautiful metal. This mounting system does not have any minuses.

Reinforced Concrete

Kinds of nets are widely used in the construction of various types of nets: a reinforcement Reinforced Concrete and masonry in laying the foundation and erecting the walls. Also, the grid can be used for fencing (netting), in horticulture and breeding animals, road (including the construction of railways), building and construction of buildings close to the water: dams, embankments, etc. Let us consider in detail the various kinds of nets: 1. welded wire mesh – manufactured using the spot welding of low carbon wire rod. Welded wire mesh is manufactured from cold drawn wire and has a high resistance to deformation. Welded wire mesh is used to create frameworks for different purposes and greenhouses. Welded wire mesh is divided into several types depending on the application: – grid road – is used for laying road paintings, both permanent and temporary roads.

Also, the road grid is useful for tie Concrete antifreeze additive. – Construction – for reinforcement of building structures made of reinforced concrete – masonry – is used to cells in animals. Mason grid is not only the weld, but twisted, braided, team, woven slit. Also, welded wire mesh is divided, depending on the cell size and diameter of the rod: – heavy – the diameter of the grid can be ranging from 3 to 8 mm, and the cell size from 50 to 200 mm. – Easy. 2. Plastering mesh – construction is used to strengthen the layer of plaster inside buildings and outside, filtering solids depending on the size and dewatering, drying, air filtration, thermal insulation of pipes.

Wire mesh plaster made from sheet metal, which cut out diamonds, and later stretched to the cells, which are located in a checkerboard pattern. Plastering mesh is easy to use – the difficulties arise or when fixing the grid to concrete, or when attaching to wood surfaces, to refine the surface using bitumen mastic, easy to cut and bends, widening the scope of use. Grid plastering can be not only metal, but also: – plastic – has one significant advantage – the plastic does not react with other materials. Manufactured plastic mesh on the same technology, only a plastic sheet. – Glass cloth, in turn, is divided into several types depending on the application areas: painting, plastering, facade. Woven – also used to filter solids, liquids and gases, for interior decorating. Also, mesh is used in industry for the production of conveyor belts and the division of abrasives. Netting (netting) – a customary form of grid, not only for builders, but also for ordinary citizens because of its widespread use. The grid is made of mild steel by Plexus flat spirals. Various kinds of grids supplied in rolls or cards, depending on the diameter of the cell and the section of the wire. It is worth to say about different coating metal grids, because the type of mesh, it does not depend on: – galvanized mesh – made from galvanized wire. Has the highest corrosion resistance. – Polymer mesh – wire mesh can be simultaneously and plastic, and galvanized. Polymer network gets extra protection from the environment through the protection of special polymers.


Front door – this is the first of the items that can be said about the apartment as a whole. Bearing in mind the saying "my house – my fortress, exterior doors, as the main gate to our house to play a vital protective function. Known fact that Whatever the solid front door, a professional it is always open – it's just a matter of time. So this time it was bigger, and not to give the offender likely to crack your door, you should take in mind a few important veschey.Kakoy lock set? Unfortunately, the one, even the most durable and reliable lock is not enough for complete peace of mind that your apartment is not ". It is believed that there must be at least two locks. Moreover, they should be different types: lever and cylinder.

Lever locks provide a sufficient level of privacy and fairly resistant to physical impact. Feature of this type of lock is that it can encode in case of loss of a key or after repairs in the apartment. Cylinder locks are needed in cases where there is a risk of opening the front door. The presence of additional devices such as bolts, nut, internal constipation only improve the degree of protection for your home. Do not forget about such seemingly small things like eye and hinges. How to manufacture the doors? Very simple in their structure, metal doors produced by certain welding technology.

The cost of these doors is much lower. This is because the weld deforms the sheet steel door, and after a few months, its shape is distorted, the door not tightly closed, and locks start to jam. To date, the best way to produce metal doors – method of spot welding. It does not cause deformation of the metal and does not violate the leaf surface. Of bent Profile produced the so-called ribs. They make the door stronger and more rigid. Typically, the cost of doors, manufactured by the method above, but the quality speaks for itself. Finishes doors There are many types of door trim. From simple painting and finishing up with plastic, dermantinom. The easiest and at the same time reliable way – it's powder coating. It protects the door from scratches. In order to ensure good sound and thermal insulation specialists use mineral or basalt wool, and polyurethane foam plates or foam. Advantage of these materials is that their properties are quite harmless, weakly amenable to heat and provide good .Bytuet a myth that you can buy a solid, secure the door on the cheap. Unfortunately, this expression refers to anything, but not to the front door. Here for good quality and for their own peace of mind you have to pay a lot. Therefore, first of all, you have to decide for themselves what more important to you: price or calm, fixed quality.