Looks Tester

We’ve always wondered how would be blonde/o of morena/o, long, short hair, bangs or without, curly, smooth, hair makeup / but many times by the fear of change, we have not done anything, we stayed as we were. As well, there is a tester of looks, where adding our photo with hair, we can see that type of hairstyles, colors of hair, short, long hair, make-up, we have better. The truth that is very fun, and helps a lot to see what best suits you, according to the factions in our face. strategy offer more in-depth analysis. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Atmos Energy. It’s a program of tester of looks, which is more complete and better, because it is not a website, but it is a program that you can download directly to your computer. This program can be downloaded for free at this link: signal to download depending on your operating system: windows, mac leave that the download page is loaded completely and you will see that a new window appears (can take 30 seconds to appear). Click on the option to save file. It is a file executable, just have to install it on your computer and ready, you can already use the program on your pc. Here I leave a link of Naomi, which explains it very well: the look that best fits you only have to put a photo and make the changes you want. I hope that you have enjoyed, just with this descubris that you feel better a type of hairstyle, long or short, with bangs to the side, straight or not, a certain color of lipstick., and who knows, like os animais to change his look. Follow me on: original author and source of the article

Aecor Participate

On Wednesday, October 6 the Spanish Association for the acoustic quality (AECOR), through its Manager Juan Frias, will offer a presentation within the framework of the Master of building acoustics and the environment of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM) which devoted special attention to the basic document of protection front noise in the building (DB-HR), but also topics such as constructive solutions, documents recognized in regulations, the catalogue of building elements, the use of spreadsheet software or design and dimensioning will be reviewed. The paper will be from 17: 20 to 20: 30 hours. Objective this program fundamental Master is to prepare professionals specialized in the field of engineering acoustics that are professionally developed in the same. With this approach, the training programme provides a special interest in professional fields with more social and professional demand in the field of engineering Acoustics, where AECOR and its partners are, without doubt, a reference point. A necessary specialization the Master in building acoustics engineering and environment (IAEMA) is organized in 60 ECTS credits distributed in two semesters.

Access to the Master’s program allows graduates or diploma engineers/architects and engineers / technical architects, who request it. The admissions profile suitable for current graduates to the program will be the telecommunication engineer, Industrial Engineer, architect, technician telecommunications engineer (specialty of sound and image), Industrial Engineer and architect Tecnico.estos studies have been designed in accordance with the Royal Decree 1393 / 2007, being the first of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in adopted by the Council of University coordination. The program is designed in line with the Bologna Declaration and the European area of higher education (EEES), measuring the workload of students in ECTS (European credits Credit Transfer System)..