Production Systems

As the improvement of equipment and intellectualization of control systems (introducing the automatic measurement and make the correction, active monitoring of cutting tools and automatic go to the tool-doubler) operator intervention becomes necessary just to maintain the stock and holding a tool changeovers. In recent months, Moodys has been very successful. Ensure uninterrupted operation of gps products contributes to the warehouse where harvesting and stored items. A warehouse is a certain number of cells (both in local drives, and in the central warehouse). Capacity of the cell can be trampled equal to the size of the party details. For reliable operation and simplify tooling carried specialization of cells, ie, keeping them for certain equipment.

The industry formed two main areas of a gps. The first area – the creation gps based on the newly manufactured, and in some cases – specifically designed new equipment (GPS-N). However, the real possibility of manufacturing equipment for the GPS-N and a significant one-time investment in its acquisition is not designed to meet existing needs, so there was the second area – the creation of gps based on already existing in the enterprise operating cnc equipment (GPS-D). This trend in the number of cases, more economically feasible, since the lump-sum investments can be reduced to the cost of upgrading the basic equipment, purchase of accessories (ATCC jobs) and control systems (computer hardware and software), as well as the reconstruction of plant (plot), all of which constitutes 15-25% of the total cost of the 30 gps lathes and mill-drill teams. For machining centers, this percentage is even lower. In some cases, when you create a GPS-D partially acquired new equipment. GPS-H are designed to solve specific technological problems, such as manufacturing parts such as bodies of revolution, hull or flat parts of certain sizes, and the most highly automated fms – for the manufacture of several types of parts. GPS-H contain a small (2-10) number of machines. With their creating, through judicious choice of equipment can be used to reduce the number of models of machines, that if the technological capability improves the reliability and flexibility of the system as a whole. For example, first automated site AU-1 (plant ", Moscow) for the treatment of parts such as bodies of rotation consisted of 13 machines 8 models.