Fear of Failure

The fear to the failure is something natural when we embarked in a new labor experience or of businesses. Often this one feeling drowns by not knowing how to give time to us to the time. Almost at any moment we tend to compare itself with people who have achieved the success quickly and we felt incapable to equal and/or to improve its executory ones. Learn more about this with Abigail Black Elbaum. Then we could feel frustration if we do not have the patience to wait for that with time, also we will be able to own the same abilities of any successful person, but after preparing to us much and by many days. The same we could say of the youngster who after one hour in the kitchen, manages to make a dough indigestible and however comes the mother and in ten minutes sabrossima makes a cake. What to do? To be frustrated? No. To wait, that with time and the practice also will obtain she it.

The same we could say of the nascent musician that its incapacity with the amazing facility of the teacher of music tends to be discouraged when comparing. Or of the inexperienced professor who tends to be discouraged when stating that in its class is disorder and it does not manage to be made understand, while the experienced professor of the following class obtains a perfect discipline and he is made and understand to the thousand wonders of the pupils. Everything can be exercise, practice, time question and to be acquiring experience. It is not necessary to be scared to the failure. It is necessary to give time to the time and not to live autorrechazando to us as if we were lacking ones of qualities. It is that often what people call talent is the fruit and result of a constant repetition, until acquiring the ability. It is necessary to know how to hope without being discouraged.

Investment Opportunity

Reasons have very well so that it happens. A positive signal for the foreign investors is the mentioned thing by Fernando Mombelli, a high civil servant of the tax office of Brazil that said that the Government is going to dictate one second legal measurement to guarantee that the operations contracted as of Tuesday only undergo taxation. With this measurement the valuation of the government is reflected to assure the legal stability for the investments, signal that surely will be very well evaluated by the market. Brazil imposes restrictions to the flow of foreign capitals. In this way it looks for to fortify the situation of his economy since it limits an element of exchange pressure and stimulus the generation of bubbles. Nevertheless, the good aim persecuted by the initiative of the government of Lula can generate the effect less awaited. The external perception of greater solidity and healthy policies that the government of Brazil implements, will increase the attraction of external capitals being able to generate like result a greater entrance of capitals. Still he is premature specular with this paradoxical possibility that it can generate a tax that it looks for to discourage the entrance of capitals but that it can finish increasing it when reducing the possibilities of occurrence of bubbles in the stock market of the country. Jr.

What would have to make the government Brazilian if this happens? Probably it must show disposition to still more increase the tax to the capitals, since the stability of the economy reduces the risks for investors who find in the returns of the Brazilian assets an interesting differential in relation to other safe assets. Horacio Pozzo INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY In our report of investment with action of strong bullish potential in Wall s$street, Global Value, we bought when we see that the tendency of the price of an action begins to enter in a bullish phase and we just rose her after to verify it we recommended and it. It obtains its subscription to our report of investments Global Value and begins to win from the beginning raises of it of the actions. It makes click here to acquire our report Global Value.


The following article tries to describe the steps to follow to realise the installation of one radio on line in our houses. The unique thing that we needed is: 1) A PC, 2) Broadband, 3) Some programs (in the article they are links) and 4) a microphone (if we want to speak, but we can passes music). 1) Required Software: Winamp? Shout Cast DNAS? Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v. 1.8.2b Buscalos in Google that estan all 2) Facilities: They are all following, following, following FIRST TO INSTALL the WINAMP, soon the rest Shout Cast DNAS: Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP to verify that its installation has been correct, on winamp we pressed ctrl. + p, we go to plug-ins, DPS/Effect and of the right side it must to us appears " Nulsoft SHOUTcast" 3) Configuration of the DNAs Vamos to BEGINNING All the PROGRMAS PROGRAMS SHOUTcast DNAS Edit SHOUTcast DNAS configuration.

It is going abrir a text file to us with the configuration than he will be our servant. In order to make it but fast I recommend that they make a copy of this file, that is in " C: Archives of programSHOUTcastsc_serv.ini" and they publish the original one, they erase everything and only they leave these lines: MaxUser=32 Password=loquequieras PortBase=8000 In the copy that they have left later can read it and realise all the parametrizacion that allows, but with this it reaches. 4) To put the radio to transmit! 4.1) Abrir winamp 4.2) Abrir the DNAs (We go to BEGINNING All the PROGRMAS PROGRAMS SHOUTcast DNAS SHOUTcast DNAS (GUI 4,3) We abrimos plug in of winamp (, on winamp we pressed ctrl. Frequently Gazprom Neft has said that publicly. + p, we go to plug-ins, DPS/Effect and of the right side it must appears to us " Nulsoft SHOUTcast") we give click double him and appears the following thing: Configuration: They are the data of the text file that we modified: Addres: We leave localhost Port: the one that we put in the file, I leave 8000 Password: : the one that we put in the file, I leave loquequieras Yellowpages: They are data that you prune to put to appear in the list of radios of winamp when these passing on Encoder: You choose the quality of Input reproduction: In input device, itself we passed music with leaving winamp this ok, if we are going to speak with a microphone, is necessary to choose Soundcard Input, and it gives the option us to beat to speak " push to talk".


Equipment of excellence Uses the necessary resources for the meeting. Any site does not improvise and it does not scrimp in necessary means. The meetings can be more efficient if there is a good projector, allows hearing of a good video, the members can easily make use of power point, etc. Is innovating when working in equipment. Today they exist software specialized to make presentations spectacular. Click Compuware to learn more.

It observes, for example, this video of a Swedish professor it imagines with the projection of results of its company? The company and the equipment the Fish book (the effectiveness of an equipment is in its capacity of Motivation), is one of so many books that are written on the motivation, the leadership, the work in equipment, etc. The originality of this work is that history is developed in a fish market (Pike Place) and in the original keys to motivate to its employees – companions and clients. It is of the type of book that remembers to us that the world could far better be if all we strived a little changing our attitude. Whichever sites we know (work, communities, families.) in that the atmosphere becomes unbreathable: crispation, tension, evil humor, distrust to the detriment of the generosity, amiability, empathy In synthesis: there are sites in which ” is breathed; energy garbage dump txica”. Obvious in this situation the creativity, the flexibility, the motivation and the enthusiasm shine by their absence. ” More bond only than badly acompaado” , it says the proverb. Who has not undergone the frustration to be believed in an equipment and to only be before the performance of a task that requires of more heads and hands? Or on the contrary, who has not undergone the frustration to need major autonomy in the performance its task within the equipment and of being whereupon all wish to think and to interfere in their accomplishment? Although all we create to know in what the work consists of equipment, the reality is that often this one becomes one ” sum of individualities that work in compaa” , or in ” patio of colegio”.

Mac World

Although it seems that in the equipment of Apple everything is to sit down and to put itself to use them, not always is thus. The user has tendency to do and to repeat what already he knows to do, mainly siu comes from the world of the PC, so a series of advice is not bad about very simple apliaciones and that they are to very by hand in our Apple equipment. iLife Procura that somebody gives basic a practical exercise you and to remove the maximum party to one from the best applications and more not knowing than comes from series with your Mac. One is iLife and he is especially interesting the combination of two of its tools: iPhoto + iWeb. Operating system Also is necessary centered in the Operating system of Mac, asks that somebody with experience helps a you to discover all those utilities that have made historically of Apple the advanced operating system more of the world.

If you are new in the Mac world it will help you to that your introduction is easier and if you are already usuary of Apple you can discover tricks and utilities that you perhaps did not know. It will cause that your Apple renders to the one hundred percent. iLife Yes, is not a mistake there are so many utilities in iLife! In a second review you can consider to dedicate to him to time to the set of tools of iMovie + iDVD so that you can learn to create, to publish, and to record your homemade videos with a professional aspect. Apple aha designed its equipment indeed for this! You do not fail to take advantage of it. iPhone the day that you discover all the peculiar uses, tricks and programs that have turned to iPhone into the movable telephone more wished of the world, you will not separate of him and finally you will understand why Apple has been able to revolutionize the industry of the movable telephony. The Mac Inveestiga in your Mac enjoys and discovers nonhabitual uses but that they will make you happen entertained awhile, like making Comics in 5 minutes with your photos, removing the maximum party to Google Earth, to catalogue your CDs and DVDs more using your iSight and a pile of applications than has made of the Mac the delight of the users. iTunes One of the recognized programs more of Apple, as much for users of Mac as usuary of PC, with iTunes you will be able to discover a pile of possibilities that offers the software that accompanies iPod and with that you will be able to manage all your musical library. And if you are not yourself enabled to assume all this task of investigation, or you worry, always you can would call that computer science friend so that it helps you far better or, to go to one of the multiple centers of K-Tuin to attend its gratuitous seminaries for qu explain everything to the maximum to you detail.

SOA World Readers Choice Awards

The CATS, CA- (Marketwire – October 30, 2009) – Fiorano Software, pioneer in the virtualizacin of distributed services to unravel the value in applications of legacy, customized applications and in package, has announced today that the readers of SOA World, editorial of average SYS-CON have granted to Fiorano the prize " Best SOA Tool" (better tool SOA) defeating to IBM (NYSE: IBM), Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL), and Sun (NASDAQ: SUN) in the annual celebration of prizes SOA World 2008 chosen by the readers, SOA World 2008 Annual Readers" Choice Awards. The readers of SOA World chose in addition to Fiorano like finalist in the categories to " Best SOA Platform" (Better Platform SOA) " Best Integration Tool" (Better Tool of Integration), and " Best SOA or XML Site" (Better SOA or site XML). The prizes " SOA World Readers Choice Awards" , known like " Oscars of the Industry of the Software" , they are the event average star of SYS-CON, the company leader of the world in events and means of YOU. " The full field equipment of SYS-CON average &quot congratulates to Fiorano Software to gain the prize; SOA World Readers Choice awards 2008, " it said Jeremy Geelan, executive Vice-president of Average SYS-CON. " Our readers worry about the leverage of existing investments and when they select technologies and manufacturers this way strictly make by the enterprise benefits and the ROI implicada" it added Mr.

Geelan. It will be able to find more information on annual prizes SOA in. " Fiorano is excited with to be chosen by the professionals of SOA like the winners in the category " Best SOA Tool" (Better tool SOA) it said Atul Saini, founder and CEO of Fiorano Software. " It represents a testimony of the force of the community SOA developer that recognizes the value of the objective measurement in front of the giants establecidos" , it emphasized Mr.

Emotional Solitude

If they give a new opportunity you, tmala with both hands. The smaller doubt does not fit, than almost to all the they experience it people, although some do not leave her of course and, affects it as much to it psychically, health, behavior. Important, it is to determine why of that solitude, what it takes step to him to that it is pronounced, which are their effects, how to leave it, like confronting it in order not to see us affected. In order to understand its reach, repercussions, of course, it is necessary to surprise to us how our emotions are pronounced, we handled as them, as they affect our feelings, as well as the dependency is originated, that we have obtained cradled these appear. To this height of our life either we will have experimented within the scope of the emotions, or will have learned of them the positive and the negative, Or know to determine where our weaknesses have been pronounced, strengths, whatever we have grown on the matter, as well as what as much we can handle them or these do still it by one. Already we must to have replaced on the form like us we have interrelated where it has been called on to us to act through different rolls, we will have learned to determine those moments in that we have been happy, in situations critics, determined those, in which we have preferred to be single and that as it says the popular saying, better than bad is accompanied. There will already be shortage if there are been kind in our interrelations, even affective, identifying our weaknesses, determined how we have felt, if we made the decision our decision to marginalize, to separate; perhaps hastiamos us of the results, we felt defrauded, frustrated and we have chosen to be single. But probably we were not preparations for it and the consequences can be very negative, following how we identified ourselves and we acted in the scope of the solitude.