The Challenge Of If Coexisting The Differences

Which the reason? – The reason, I prefer no to count. – T forgives, I only asked pra to be able to help you, but if you prefer not to count I respect. At this moment he appears of motion the Rodrigo, seeing the Eddy crying, question what he had: – The Eddy fought with the parents. – it answers Makes bristle – It is this same! after the lessons I do not come back pra house! – esbraveja Eddy – Pra where you go? – question Rodrigo. – Still I do not know. – To want you can come with me, for my house after the lessons, is the time there that to want.

– Rodrigo Was valid! – Friend is for these things! Rodrigo arrives with the two of motion in the school. In the classroom, the Julieta, friend of Erica that saw the arrival of it, question: – You lode with the Rodrigo? – Ah! He is that agent you giving a force for the Eddy, it wants to run away from house, fought with the parents and is very sad, I it in such a way wanted to find a skill of helps it. – The Eddy is a good looking one! – Julieta says – Amiga! you liked it Eddy? if to want I can approach vocs two, Is an excellent idea to liven up it! – But, I only said that it was pretty! – Therefore it said the same thing of you! – He is same! The two set a plan, Julieta dissimulate a collapse, Make bristle ask for the aid of the Eddy to take the friend the infirmary.