The Technique

And her friends safely shall accept the invitation as soon as you tell them the number of boys who will attend the same. Always use the technique say to each one of the people that you invite, that one of the attendees is eager to see it. Other situations: what would you do if after accepting the invitation of a friend, who is not your favorite, receives a phone call from him who really likes, to invite them to eat? Ethics tells him that he must keep his previous commitment. However, as the phone allows us to make use of some tactics that are personally impossible to perform, we can arrange the situation where two calls have occurred almost simultaneously. Communicate quickly with his friend (who called it first) and explain to him, with very convincing words, has emerged an unexpected and that you cannot leave with him that night, but that they can do it the next day. Then? You already have the clean way to exit with your favorite friend.

Know how to cut to the inopportune: there are people who use the phone only to kill time. Do not confuse is this with the friend who called because you are depressed and need someone who helps you feel better. The person who has no limit when he speaks by telephone, must be treated firmly, but courteously. A method that you can use to escape from this torment, and that always gives a result, is to simply tell you that you have many things to do. If the tireless charlatan ignores his apology, repeat it again, and promise you will continue the conversation at the next opportunity to be seen personally. This trick invariably gives good results.

The way in which you farewell is as important as the greeting. A later said in almost impersonal way, let another person confused as to whether you were interested in the conversation. The best way to say goodbye is giving thanks for the call and saying to your partner that you would like to return it to call.