FPS Recruited

Many players and Internet difference between a game server and EPS-game server users already know the so called game server. This is game server where like-minded individuals meet to perform online battles. But only few know that there is also a different type of this server: EPS-game server. These servers are not offered for all games. Only the game server for the Goldsource – and orange box engine valve can be offered in this release.

Usually these machines are used by professional tournament players to prepare for matches. The quality standard and thus the demands are very high for such servers. Usually, the providers guarantee that can run only a few instances on a root and it thus come to 100% at no time an overload. This is enormously important, because the delays, called also Laggs, can decide in an important match victory and defeat. It must be so at no time errors or difficulties with this server. Often is with higher server side FPS Recruited (frames per second), which can greatly increase the game feeling. A half life / half life 2 game server 1000 can reach maximum fps, and that only approximate. The maker of the game has officially confirmed this fact in a wiki entry.

All other values can be reached only by modifying the game files, which isn’t the developer in the sense, because this change deeply affects the system. I will not describe the sense and nonsense of more than 1000 FPS, because there are enough other articles and discussions on this issue. If the server hardware is good enough, the game server will be able to achieve higher FPS rates. This can bring visible and invisible advantages over others while playing. The most important aspect is the calculation of the position of the player. An EPS game server the position in the best case is calculated so 1000 times per second, which corresponds to a very high accuracy. As we all know, you must pay more for the better quality. So these EPS servers cost more than a normal server significantly, what to explain this is that only a few instances of the game on a root run and thus increases the price of the single server. How many game servers actually run, you have to ask your provider. Conclusion: If you want to run matches in an online League and get only the best of the best, this kind of game servers is essential.