Shop Software

‘ More than a shopping cart software and without cost risk! The shop software market is very dynamic in Germany. Good deals that go beyond the software and adjustments, are however scarce. Zaki is therefore an interesting model, the free rental shop sent summarizes BBs, market square and Central checkout and so quickly won market share. We explain the product and the more development here for each well understandable. Please describe Zaki? Zaki combines a unique in Germany from free rental shop BBs, marketplaces and Central checkout. Target of Zaki is to remove all technically and organizationally complex processes to the dealer. So Zaki dealer can concentrate on the essential – the sale of products and the support of their customers. What are the highlights of Zaki? The Zaki concept offers a whole firework of innovations.

I’m trying to be so short. A highlight in the Zaki concept is certainly the combination of its own shop and many market places. Products, a trader uses in his Zaki shop, be set simultaneously in all shopping portals. These portals are of course even advertised by your operators and thus increase the attendance for all offers. Portal operators are involved in the sales fees. Sample portals: Kalhd1 etc. Another highlight on Zaki is that any trader can deposit the link to his existing shop, this is then automatically displayed in all its offerings.

This service is completely free, there is also no Klickgeburen. Seller increase Additionally in addition the PageRank as well as the attendance of the own shops… Another highlight of the software is the integrated connect!\” Interface. Thus, it is possible to connect his shop to the various external services by clicking. Currently, the common price and Produktsuchmaschinen, are supported. Which shop models offer Zaki? Private seller 50 – 50 article places \”Business 150 – up to 150 article places professional shop – no article space limitation, own sub.-domain, externally and ad-free accessible we offer the Zaki software exclusively as software as a service\” on.