SOLUTIONS Cosmeceutical

Our skin is the mirror of our soul. So, we are often talking about worry lines. Our skin is the mirror of our soul. So, we are often talking about worry lines. Pimples can stand for an unhealthy diet and eye bags and dark circles can be the result of sleepless nights. There are people, who get nothing from it and there are people who so surgically treat.

SOLUTIONS cosmeceuticals stands for the healthy balance and provides a simple and effective help to help themselves. Healthy”is in many ways in the foreground. For your own health SOLUTIONS cosmeceuticals is parebenfrei. Parebene are preservatives that can occur 214 or E219 not only in food as E, but also in cosmetics. Applied to the skin get the parabens in the body. You are not only suspected to trigger allergies, residues of parabens can also occur in cancerous tumors. Although it is not proven that they are cause for cancer, yet alone the possibility that could be the reason for us is enough to offer only products that are basically parabenfrei.

Instead, SOLUTIONS cosmeceuticals products mostly consist of natural ingredients, the effectiveness and impact of which are scientifically proven. CO2 neutral produced a healthy environment SOLUTIONS Cosmeceutical products. The manufacturer led Vincent 46 BV, by the Dutch environmental scientist of Gerdien Bos – pays attention not only in the production as possible energy-saving procedures, to minimize the formation of CO2, but additionally supports environmental projects. A relatively cheap alternative to costly and time-consuming medical procedures provide for a healthy price / performance ratio SOLUTIONS cosmeceuticals. Here too, there is a clear philosophy with us. We support the desire of our customers but to a smooth, even complexion, are committed with our products but also to the healthy balance, because we see our SOLUTIONS cosmeceuticals with a solution that is appropriate to the problem. Uwe Haering